Record set again!Shenzhen Longhua two industrial land reconditioning projects opened at the same time

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In the morning of January 25th, the demolition work of the land recondition benefit coordination project of the two industrial blocks of Longhua Fuchengnan and Guanhubei started simultaneously, and the land recondition project entered a new stage of rent-clearing and demolition!It marks that since the centralized signing of the two major projects started on December 26, 2021, it has achieved phased results of the signing of land and buildings without expropriation (transfer) within the scope of the project in only one month, and has set a new record of land reconditioning in Longhua once again.The demolition work of the south Fucheng Land reconsolidation project has been fully launched. The first demolition area of 48,000 square meters has been signed for one month. The Guanhubei project has completed 100% of the government’s industrial land acquisition and storage task, and the demolition work has been fully started.At 9:30 a.m., the site commander announced the official start of the demolition at the site of the land reconsolidation interest coordination project in fucheng South. A total of 46 buildings in 7 places, including Shenlan Industrial Park, Guofeng Products Factory and Tile-roof area of Fuhua Road, were demolished, covering an area of 48,000 square meters.At 10 am, the “first demolition” of the land recondition interest coordination project of Guanhubei Industrial Area also started simultaneously, and cleared 12 twitong factories that had been emptied, comprehensively starting the “first shot” of guanhubei expropriation and demolition work.It is reported that fucheng South project covers an area of 77 hectares, involving 247 households of right holders, 787 buildings, in order to fully implement the work deployment of Longhua District Committee and district government, Fucheng South site headquarters rise to the challenge, all-out attack.On the first signing day, it only took 6 minutes to sign 100 owners, and the signing completion rate reached 62% in 10 minutes. The signing on the first day set a new record in Shenzhen.By January 24, 2022, in less than one month, 100% of the land and buildings in the 77 hectares of the project have been contracted (only six red books are left).Guanhubei Project covers an area of 50.6 hectares, which is the largest single unit of Guanhu Street in recent years. The red capital area is 250,000 square meters, accounting for 50% of the project. It is difficult to overcome obstacles and sign contracts.By January 24, 2022, the project has fully fulfilled the target of 150,000 government industrial land acquisition and storage, providing space guarantee for industrial upgrading in the area.”Before signing the contract, the staff will do everything possible to catch up, fight for initiative, take the initiative, all face to face after signing the contract is to catch up with me, all-out attack, work to nature, to achieve such a result, everyone under a lot of effort.”At the scene, the person in charge of the project headquarters said, “The speed achieved depends on the correct decision-making and strong leadership of the District Committee and the district government, the scientific guidance of the District Urban renewal and land recondition Bureau, the full cooperation of all departments, and the unremitting efforts and hard work of all the staff of the headquarters.”It is understood that in order to implement the shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Government’s work deployment of “revitalize space, improve quality and efficiency, and achieve intensive development”, seize the major historical opportunity of building the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the pilot demonstration zone to promote high-quality development of the real economy,In June 2021, Longhua District launched the centralized renewal and reconditioning work of six key industrial areas, linked with all parties, promoted the quality and growth of the reconditioning work, and comprehensively launched the battle of land renewal and reconditioning.The central demolition of the view of Hubei, south of the city is the start of the two major key projects.The land reconsolidation interest coordination project of Fucheng South Industrial Area is located at the northeast corner of Longlan Avenue, which echoes meiguan Innovation Corridor at a distance and is an important node of Longlan Intelligent Manufacturing Corridor. The total land area is about 129.2 hectares, and over one million square meters of industrial housing can be released after the reconsolidation is completed.Guanhu park is adjacent to Meiguan Innovation Corridor to the north, Luhu New Town to the south and Mission Hills Commercial Center to the north. It was officially incorporated into The 2021 Urban renewal and land repreparation plan of Shenzhen city on September 8, 2021. The project covers an area of about 55.7 hectares and can provide about 200,000 square meters of continuous industrial land through land repreparation.To accelerate the construction of “digital Longhua, urban core” has important supporting significance.Since the official launch of the two projects in 2021, all the members work together, day and night, constantly to overcome difficulties, accelerate the sprint, give full play to longhua land reconditioning “big corps” fighting spirit, with the drive of “one team, one blueprint together”, accelerate the improvement of the quality and efficiency of industrial space.The “Shenzhen Speed” and “Longhua Miracle” of land reconditioning interests have been achieved again and again.In the following days, the on-site headquarters will continue to ring and work hard, and carry forward the spirit of “no hard work, no dragon”, to further promote the work of clearing the lease, empting the house and demolishing the house, so as to ensure that the project will fully win the battle of land preparation.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: