Rich auspicious pharmaceutical 5 days to plunge 55% behind: Secretary of the secretary of the secretary evasive, shareholders high reduction, floating retail investors were buried

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“This is the most severe loss of hot money, the list of a few dry”, a private practitioners told reporters.Near the Spring Festival A shares drama shock, some short-term demon shares also “under the mire”, so that idle retail investors were suffocated, fuxiang pharmaceutical (300497.SZ) is one of the typical representatives.On January 26, Fuxiang Pharmaceutical dropped another 7.10% to close at 13.22 yuan/share, with the largest decline of more than 55% in the stock price range in the past five trading days.Fuxiang pharmaceutical recently trend chart fuxiang pharmaceutical this wave can be said to be “up fierce, down more fierce”.Since January 12, Fuxiang pharmaceutical entered the rising channel, to January 19, the daily limit, Fuxiang pharmaceutical rose 49.39% in 6 trading days.However, on January 20, the cloud mutation, fuxiang pharmaceutical morning 20CM word board trading limit opening, less than 3 minutes was a large single broke open, the day fell 7.31%, intraday amplitude reached 28.45%, turnover rate reached 42.59%.The following four trading days, fuxiang pharmaceutical shares fell.For the rich auspicious medicine “strange” trend, the market talk in succession.Silver persimmon financial reporter combed the recent timeline of the stock, found that speculation behind it does not seem to be simple.According to the data of precise reduction of holdings before the collapse of shareholders, Fuxiang Pharmaceutical is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of high-end antibiotic API and its intermediates. It was listed on gem in 2015, and its office address and registered address are located in Jingdezhen city, Jiangxi Province.January 24 evening, Fuxiang pharmaceutical released 2021 performance forecast, 2021 is expected to achieve net profit of 43.8 million ~ 63.8 million yuan, down 80.02%~86.28% year on year.Fuxiang said the change in performance was due to, among other things, a sharp increase in the price of raw materials for its main products, which led to a sharp increase in the company’s procurement costs.Reporters noted that in the performance forecast before the disclosure of this bad news, not only the rich auspicious pharmaceutical share price plunged in advance, and shareholders “precise reduction”.On January 19, Fuxiang pharmaceutical said that it had received a reduction notice issued by Yongtai Technology (002326.SZ), yongtai Technology on January 13 and January 19 through the centralized bidding method of a total reduction of 5.415,600 shares of the company, the reduction in the number has more than half.According to the calculation, the reduction amount of Yongtai Technology in the above two days was about 53.02 million yuan and 53.4 million yuan respectively.After two consecutive dips, Wing Tai technology in Fuxiang pharmaceutical holdings from 1.07% to 0.08%, or will exit fuxiang pharmaceutical’s top 10 shareholders.Pfizer’s “Enigma Cloud” Fuxiang pharmaceutical’s stock price soared due to the “COVID-19 wonder drug concept,” however, whether the company’s production of intermediates to supply Pfizer’s COVID-19 wonder drug has been a mystery.The reporter of Yinshi Finance noticed that on January 13, some investors asked in an interactive question and answer session: “Is your company cooperating with global well-known pharmaceutical companies to develop and supply NOVEL coronavirus drug intermediates and apis?”On January 14, Fuxiang answered that the company had supplied kilogram samples to the customer based on the research and development of Lingfu Pharmaceutical Research Institute and had been verified by the customer.Considering that Fuxiang pharmaceutical once called Pfizer as a customer of the company, and on January 6, it publicly stated that “part of the pharmaceutical intermediates of the company can be supplied to Pfizer”, many investors speculated that the global well-known pharmaceutical enterprise mentioned by Fuxiang Pharmaceutical was Pfizer.On January 15, an investor asked Fuxiang, “Does the company supply pharmaceutical intermediates and apis to Pfizer?”At that time, Fuxiang pharmaceutical gave a relatively clear answer, “Part of the pharmaceutical intermediates provided by the company’s current production department are supplied to Pfizer, but they are not used for the production of COVID-19 drugs.”On the same day, Fuxiang pharmaceutical also said that the pharmaceutical intermediates supplied by the company are the core intermediates of Mupillavir and Radesivir, because the company signed a strict confidentiality agreement with customers, it is inconvenient to disclose specific customer information.On January 17, investors asked, “Is Mupiravir Molnupiravir (Monapiravir), Merck’s specific oral treatment for COVID-19?Is Remdesivir a COVID-19 wonder drug developed by Gilead Sciences (GILD.O)?In this regard, the rich auspicious medicine still expressed inconvenience public.We thought the dust would settle down. On January 18, a transcript of the exchange between the chairman of Fuxiang Pharmaceutical was obtained from the agency. According to the transcript, the chairman of Fuxiang Pharmaceutical said that the company had clearly supplied Pfizer in the field of novel coronavirus drugs.On January 19, Fuxiang pharmaceutical said on the interactive platform that “it has the r&d and production capacity of novel coronavirus intermediates and hopes to enter Pfizer’s supply chain”. It seems that Fuxiang pharmaceutical has not yet supplied Pfizer’s novel coronavirus intermediates.Investors interactive information in the cloud between the mountain mist, the enthusiasm of the speculation of funds is rising, January 19 afternoon, Fuxiang pharmaceutical opened quickly pulled up, then sealed daily limit.After trading, Fuxiang pharmaceutical again replied to investors, saying that “the company is currently supplying the core intermediates of mopiravir and Remdesivir, which can be used for the treatment of COVID-19, but because the company has signed a strict confidentiality agreement with the customer, it is not convenient to disclose the specific customer information.”In fact, Fuxiang pharmaceutical in January 15 had to reply to the paragraph of investors, in the morning of January 19 with the paragraph of reply to a number of investors, the afternoon stock price suddenly started, large single influx, after more than ten minutes gained 20cm trading limit, the turnover of the day nearly 1.7 billion yuan.After January 19, fu Xiang pharmaceutical dragon tiger list shows that Shanghai hot money active.In addition to jiuan Medical (002432.SZ) and the reputation of East Asia Qianhai Securities Shenzhen branch of 100 million yuan to buy, buy two to buy four clear is the seat of Shanghai capital, the amount of participation between 40 million to 60 million yuan, a total purchase of about 180 million yuan.And also from Shanghai seat Minmetals Securities Co., LTD. Shanghai Hankou Road securities business department, on January 19 and 20 to complete the withdrawal of 167 million funds, is the biggest “short” in these two days.On the evening of January 19, Fuxiang Pharmaceutical disclosed information on research activities, saying that it is still looking forward to supply Pfizer.Fuxiang pharmaceutical’s original words are: The company is constantly strengthening research and development, and cooperation with Lingfu Pharmaceutical Research Institute, now has the research and development and production capacity of novel coronavirus treatment intermediates, the company expects to enter Pfizer and other companies in the supply chain system of novel coronavirus treatment production.In the evening of the same day, there were also research records from brokerages. A telephone survey record of Fuxiang Pharmaceutical organized by Southwest Securities was circulated on the Internet. The summary of the document showed that “COVID-19: Pfizer Paxlovid: 100-kilogram intermediate of existing contract, supplying supplier, hoping to enter supplier system”.On January 24, Fuxiang pharmaceutical again responded to the cooperation between investors and Pfizer, saying that the company had supplied Subactam products to Pfizer, and the contract had been executed, and accounted for a small proportion of the company’s revenue.At that time, fu Xiang pharmaceutical has been falling.To sum up, in the relationship with Pfizer, Fuxiang pharmaceutical has given a number of views.Regarding the authenticity of the above meeting minutes and the specific situation of the company’s supply of Pfizer in the field of COVID-19 drugs, the reporter of Yinshi Finance sent an interview letter to the Secretary office of the President of Fuxiang Pharmaceutical, but no response has been received as of press time.January 26, Fuxiang pharmaceutical issued a notice, said that the company with its shareholding subsidiary Shanghai Lingfu Pharmaceutical Research Co., Ltd. research and development basis, has been supplied to the customer mopiravir and Reddesiwade core intermediate samples, and passed the customer verification, the subsequent company will continue to promote the project.Fuxiang pharmaceutical said that although the sample has been verified by the customer, due to the very tight delivery time of the customer’s demand, there is still uncertainty whether the company can timely meet the customer’s enlarged demand in the short term.At the same time, Fuxiang pharmaceutical pointed out that as of the date of this announcement, the company’s supply of mopilavir related intermediates products sales contract amount of 3.25 million yuan, accounting for the company’s 2020 operating revenue of about 0.2%, the supply of Remdesivir related intermediates products sales contract amount of 5.5 million yuan,Accounting for approximately 0.4% of the company’s audited revenue in 2020.Retail investors, hot money losses yongtai technology holdings to avoid the rich auspicious pharmaceutical plunge, but many chasing up retail investors and hot money losses.Since the beginning of 2022, the A-share market of COVID-19 detection and THE speculation of NOVEL coronavirus specific drug API has been very hot, and bull stocks such as Jiuan Medical, Tuoxin Pharmaceutical (301089.SZ), Jinghua Pharmaceutical (002349.SZ) have emerged one after another. Against this background and expectation, capital sentiment is high.On January 20, Fuxiang pharmaceutical directly on the top of the word board opening, at that time, the popularity of jiuan medical, the “general leader” of COVID-19 detection at that time.However, the opening less than 2 minutes, the storm suddenly changed, fuxiang pharmaceutical shares opened daily limit, “waterfall” diving.Finally, the price of Fuxiang pharmaceutical opened at the limit of 29.40 yuan/share 20cm, and closed at 22.71 yuan/share that day, down 7.31%.The nightmare of fuxiang pharmaceutical shareholders is not over, on January 21, Fuxiang pharmaceutical low open low, all the way to 20CM limit, the closing price is 18.17 yuan/share, two trading days the biggest revocation as high as 38.2%.On January 24, Fuxiang pharmaceutical plunged 8.97%, and on January 25, it fell another 13.97%.Within 4 days, fuxiang pharmaceutical shares halved, and there is no sign of “stabilization rebound”.If the highest point hit board into the retail investors still did not “cut meat to leave”, it means that the principal was hit 50% discount.On January 20, the dragon and Tiger list shows that among the top five seats to buy, Shengang Securities Zhejiang branch bought about 113 million yuan ranked first, Caixin Securities West Lake International Trade Center business department bought about 90 million yuan, Huafu Securities Xiamen Jiahe Road business department bought about 64 million yuan, Everbright Securities Ningbo Jiefang South Road business department bought about 48 million yuan.From iFinD flush dragon tiger list analysis, several hot money is the opening of the roof into the fuxiang pharmaceutical, part of the plate, the end of the warehouse.20 days dragon tiger list data “experienced investors should be clear, these seats are famous hot money, professional veteran, the bigwigs are almost all roof into the fuxiang pharmaceutical industry, but from the results see all missteps.A private placement practitioner told reporters.January 21, Fuxiang pharmaceutical lower open 4.45%, intraday diving again 20CM limit.Dragon tiger list shows that a few hot money choose to cut meat to leave.Shengang Securities Zhejiang Branch bought about 110 million yuan on 20th and sold about 76 million yuan on 21st; Caixin Securities West Lake International Trade Center business Department bought 90 million yuan and came out 68 million yuan; Huafu Securities Xiamen Jiahe Road business Department bought about 64 million yuan on 20th and sold about 43.51 million yuan on 21st.Everbright securities Ningbo Liberation South road business department 20 bought about 48 million yuan, 21 sold about 31,284.7 million yuan, rough calculation, the four hot money or total cut meat nearly 100 million yuan.21 days long tiger list data stock price volatility continuous heavy drop, the reporter noted that in a well-known investor community there are many investors questioned the company’s use of interactive platform to release positive, is with the funds “cut leek”.Retail investors have good reason to be excited, as they are statistically one of the main forces chasing the rally and have suffered heavy losses in the downturn.After the trading on January 26, shenzhen Stock Exchange official website information shows that Fuxiang Pharmaceutical in January 20 to January 26, a total decline of 46%, a serious decline during the abnormal, natural persons bought a total of 10.157 billion yuan, accounting for 86.59%;Among them, small and medium investors bought 4.994 billion yuan, accounting for 42.57%, sold 3.272 billion yuan, accounting for 27.90%;Other natural persons bought 5.163 billion yuan in total, accounting for 44.02%, and sold 5.925 billion yuan, accounting for 50.52%.In addition, institutions bought a total of $1.305 billion, accounting for 11.12%, and sold $2.297 billion, accounting for 19.58%.Photo source: Shenzhen Stock Exchange official website