Silver standard Wuling again “hard goods”, avant-garde modeling, looking at wuling stars

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I don’t know what kind of impression you have on Wuling Stars now?I remember that at the beginning of the launch of this car, it did bring a subversive effect, occupying a place in the highly competitive SUV market, and equipped with silver logo onto the global route.However, under the siege of Haffer H6, Changan CS75PLUS, Geely Boyue and other models, it is not easy to stand out.Silver standard Wuling also know the truth, so The Wuling Stars from the Shanghai Auto show has not announced the listing, is also in the new car listing to accumulate enough confidence.Before that, silver Standard attracted the attention of consumers not only because of its global positioning, but also because of its innovative design.Although the appearance of the car is a matter of opinion, but in the process of consumers choosing a car, the level of appearance is actually very important, sometimes can even decide whether users buy.Wuling, as a “people’s vehicle enterprise”, naturally understands what consumers think, so The star also uses the new design language of Silver Standard Wuling.And the design concept of eagle wing type, also really gave it enough excellent visual experience.Among them, the front part can see the stars are different, inverted trapezoidal design of the intake grille, the internal filling is a divergent V design, bringing the feeling of infinite daydream.At the same time, the silver Wuling logo, with the metal trim across the net, and the LED strip on the edge of the headlights on both sides, further enhance the delicate sense of the front.As far as visual effects are concerned, no matter compared with Harvard H6 and Changan CS75PLUS, Honda CR-V and Volkswagen Mountain Explorer, the atmosphere level is no worse.The front part is mainly to show its aura, the body side stars reflect a more youthful side.Between the roof and the body, the star uses the current mainstream color matching, under the black COLUMN A, B, C design, to create A more fashionable visual effect.In addition to color matching, the silver metal texture also appears simultaneously on the lower edge of the window, side skirt plate and roof luggage rack, which further enhances the delicate feeling of the vehicle.As for the tail of the body, it is also a further continuation of the vehicle’s fashion breath, and its most eye-catching place, is the taillight part.The star’s taillights are shaped like triangles, and the shape is not too impressive.However, its two sides of the taillight between the use of the “WULING” letter LOGO connected to create a through the taillight effect, is really novel.Wuling Stars vehicle appearance design is still very interesting, but personally feel slightly unsatisfactory is that its tail row uses a low-key hidden design.Even with the decorative exhaust design, I think the overall sense of movement will improve a lot.Even so, personally, it looks better than the Honda CR-V, Volkswagen Explorer, etc.The reason for this is that in addition to the level of the exterior appearance is bright enough, the interior design of the stars is also worth mentioning.According to the official picture published by Wuling Automobile, the interior of The Star has a strong sense of science and technology. Mainstream designs such as suspended central control screen, electronic damper, through-air conditioning air outlet and piano paint panel all appear in the interior of the star.At the same time, its seats also use a very senior sense of the diamond design, with double stitching stitching modeling, grade sense is indeed better than the same level of joint venture SUV many.