Spring Festival gala magic hidden secret: Liu Tao is not to, the key lies in the special props rubik’s cube

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Is Liu Tao a trust?This is this year CCTV Spring Festival Gala magic program to leave people a big hot debate.The main props of this magic is the Rubik’s cube, which is relatively rare in previous Spring Festival Gala programs.Rubik’s cube is an object that people who don’t know how to play will find very difficult and magical, but masters can make people dazzled and incomprehensible.Since the rubik’s cube as a prop, this program will of course be under the gaze of a large group of rubik’s Cube masters, want to play well is really very difficult.Liu Tao is not in the Spring Festival Gala magic?Since the focus of attention is the identity of the show, liu tao, is also an actress, the first revealed the plot here: in front of the cooperation with smile and scenario, the doctor should not, but the power behind the back hand reduction process of rubik’s cube, is she, men can only analyze the site condition, have to let everyone under his conclusion.Let’s start from the beginning, the first small magic in the program is to quickly restore the disrupted Rubik’s cube, magician Deng man took out two disrupted Rubik’s cube, please the audience of Jia Nailiang selected a pressure, and then one hand holding another Rubik’s cube, swing his arm counterclockwise rotation, the Rubik’s cube will be completely restored.To know that the world record for the fastest rubik’s cube restoration is between 3 and 4 seconds, Deng man restored the Rubik’s cube in less than a second, the eyes did not see clearly!Is the level very high?Centaur was very surprised when he saw it, but after the program was broadcast, people in the rubik’s cube circle soon found the secret: notice that the two rubik’s cubes deng took out at the beginning are not completely disrupted, but have certain rules.If you look carefully, you can find that both cubes have three green blocks, and both cubes have a combination of white, orange and yellow. This arrangement is a special form according to netizens.If you hold a Rubik’s cube with one hand, you can rotate the cube with your fingers. It only takes 6 movements of “up left, up left, up left, up left” to restore the cube.With frequent practice, it is perfectly possible to do one turn as shown in the show.The two rubik’s cube disruption degree is not high, is the basis of a second reduction of course, this small magic is only the opening scene, liu Tao has not yet come out.The next scene is relatively complicated, the smile is still holding up the beginning of the rubik’s cube, the magician will be the reduction rubik’s cube again upset, and I took the back of the Zhang Reyun further out, in order to let liu tao and disrupted in front of a real, then lift the rubik’s cube and that by his smile for a long time, the audience suddenly discovered the two rubik’s cube six face exactly the same.Theoretically speaking, the probability of this situation, if not zero, but also very small, why can do it on the Spring Festival Gala stage?Of course there’s a way in.Among the hundreds of millions of viewers, some careful netizens found the flaw: When Liu Tao handed the puzzle to Deng man, it could be clearly seen that there were three blue edges on one side if the picture was frozen.A ribbed block is the one in the middle of each edge, with only four ribbed blocks per color.Since this face already has three blue edges, the other faces will either have none or, at most, only one blue edge.However, when Deng next showed us two rubik’s cubes, we were surprised to find that one of them had two blue edges.This obviously would not have happened without a hand in it.According to this, we can draw the conclusion that the Rubik’s cube in Deng man’s hand and the rubik’s cube handed to him by Liu Tao just now are not the same, or not the same state.There are three possible ways to do this: the next surface suddenly appears with two edges. The easiest thing to think of is where Deng hid a Rubik’s cube, which is exactly the same as the one jia had pinned down in the beginning.Deng man took liu Tao hands after the rubik’s cube changed over.However, this method is quite difficult, at least so far he has not found where he can hide the not too small cube, and Jia Nailiang picked a pressure at the beginning, the magician actually needs to hide two cubes, that is more difficult.The second method requires no extra Rubik’s cube, but tests luck and reduction skills.That is, deng man may take liu Tao’s Rubik’s cube, like the previous scene, with his fingers to turn it to the same state as Jia Nailang, but this is quite difficult, there is a probability of failure, it is unlikely to be used in the Spring Festival Gala stage.This is because the Rubik’s cube has been disrupted by 3 people, as long as 1 of these 3 people is not a trust, disruption will be more thorough, want to arbitrarily turn to a certain state is not easy.Even if Deng man thought of the steps in an instant, it would take more time to turn the Rubik’s cube, which could not be completed in a short time.Since the first and second methods are not feasible, so the third suspicion is quite big, that is to use a special prop: magnetic patch.Each color patch on each side of the cube has a magnetic patch. The color on the front side of the patch is the same as the color on the body, while the color on the back side is the same as that on the opposite side of the cube.Assuming the patch is made of iron and the cube liu tao handed over is a magnet, when the two cubes are placed together, the patch on Jia’s cube will be drawn by the other cube.And in the program, magician Deng Nannzi just is the first two rubik’s cube inadvertently posted, completed a face, and then turn a face a face show, so do just suck over a face to show a face, perfect!In this way, no matter how much Liu Tao dissolves the Rubik’s cube, the final effect is the same. Basically, there is no probability of failure, and it is obviously the most likely answer.So, up to this point, Liu Tao has no need to be a support at all, just an actor.But the next step is a little trickier.Next, Liu Tao was invited on stage to perform a blind twist of the rubik’s cube, which had been disrupted, and miraculously restored exactly.This scene actually appeared in 2019 “Peak night”, when Deng man asked Xie Na to perform, the situation is exactly the same.There are also four possibilities, which is the truth, please judge for yourself: the first is luck, let Liu Tao blind twist a gas, and finally happened to restore, needless to say, if Liu Tao is not a rubik’s cube, the probability of failure is too high, can not be adopted by the Spring Festival Gala.And the second is liu Tao does have quite a rubik’s cube strength, and then taught her by Deng man tips, thus blind twist success, how much possibility of this operation, I believe we can think of, and these two methods are not actually magic.Liu Tao behind the blind twist of the third option is more clever: if you look carefully at the program, will find that Deng man took the stage, is the previous pressure by Jia Nailiang, and then the patch was sucked away.This rubik’s cube state, introduced at the beginning, is very easy to undo with one hand.At the moment deng man put the rubik’s cube behind Liu Tao, he was completely able to restore it and then put it into Liu Tao’s hands.At this time, Liu Tao does not need to twist the Rubik’s cube at all. He only needs to make the appearance or real action of twisting the Rubik’s cube. But he just twists the past and twists back repeatedly, without changing the state of the Rubik’s cube, he can bring out a completely restored Rubik’s cube!If so, it is a matter of opinion whether Liu Tao’s action is a trust.In fact, there is a fourth option in this, that is, Liu Tao is really not a trust, but there is really a magic trick that allows the audience to operate randomly to accurately restore the Rubik’s cube, or there is another mechanism in the prop Rubik’s cube, or the magician has a knack.Because this is not an original form of performance by Deng Man, in 2018 on Britain’s Got Talent, magician Maddox had almost the same performance.It’s said to be described in detail in a book called The Solution by Michael Murray.Centaur couldn’t find the book anyway, so he couldn’t get to the bottom of it.If anyone can find this book, please share it!As for the magic at the end, which asked the audience to choose a Spring Festival couplet, it was not difficult.Huhu Shengwei was chosen by the audience, and the red envelopes under all the audience chairs were filled with huhu Shengwei, as well as behind the huge rubik’s cube wall on stage, which was said to contain 487 rubik’s cubes.In fact, the magic depends on the elastic structure hidden in those Spring Festival couplets.The elastic structure is like a mousetrap that flips over when it is released.In fact, each couplet has two states, one is a variety of blessing, and the other is all “tiger tiger.”No matter which Spring Festival couplets are removed from the clip, the elastic structure is loosened, and they will turn to the state of “Huhu Shengwei”.And the red envelope below the auditorium, as well as the large rubik’s cube “Mosaic” behind the tiger tiger, of course, is set in advance.Sharp-eyed users also noticed that the rubik’s cube wall is probably also made of patches, as there are obvious yellow patches around the edges, but when turned over it turns out to be all yellow, which would be impossible with a real Rubik’s cube.The above inference is based on the analysis and comments of rubik’s cube experts and netizens. Centaur chose the reasonable points to list, hoping to bring you a little fun during the Spring Festival.After reading these contents, it is really a little difficult to draw a conclusion on the question of “whether Liu Tao is a trust or not”. I believe you will have your own ideas and judgments.