Spring Festival go grass-roots | Spring Festival holiday grass-roots hospital 24 hours do not close

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“During the Spring Festival, you can see a doctor at home, which is particularly convenient. The elderly and children at home have a headache at night, and they are especially anxious. 24-hour service can make the elderly and children get timely treatment.In the afternoon of February 2, Ms. Wang took her children to the general street community health service center in the shuncheng District to see a doctor.In order to meet the medical needs of residents under the jurisdiction of the city, all the primary medical and health institutions in the city, represented by urban community health service centers and township health centers, provide 24-hour health diagnosis and treatment services during the Spring Festival holiday.The General Street Community health Service Center is responsible for the basic medical treatment of common diseases and basic public health services focusing on health management for nearly 100,000 residents in its jurisdiction.Although it is a community hospital, the health service center has complete departments, and there are still few departments of surgery and gynecology among the level of community hospitals in the city.During the Spring Festival, more than 30 medical staff of the health service center, under the leadership of the center’s director Li Xiang, worked in scientific shifts and took turns to provide 24-hour medical services to residents in the area.”I usually go to the community service center, right in front of my house, and the price is cheaper than the drugstore.”Yang Guojun, 67, who came to the community hospital to prescribe medicine, told the reporter that he was old and suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. If he had to queue up at the big hospital every time, his health would be unbearable.Since the 24-hour service of the community hospital during the Spring Festival, I have had my blood pressure measured when I went out for a walk in the evening. I am even happier that I can also consult my health at any time regardless of the morning and evening, which is more than a little convenient.”The General Street Community Health Service Center is also the central hospital of shun Cheng District.More than 90,000 people have been documented in the hospital, more than half of them are elderly, and the proportion of elderly patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is also high. Irregular diet and work schedule during the Spring Festival are more likely to induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.In order to better serve the people, the hospital has decided to open a 24-hour service mode.””For medical staff, there is no difference between holidays and other days, and they are even busier than usual,” li said. “The concept of holidays has long disappeared from everyone’s mind.”The city’s primary medical institutions with responsibility and dedication to build a solid life and health safety line for the people.Writing & amp;Photo editing | | wang li responsibility Mr Zhu edit | TongDeSheng