Story: A 17-year-old girl dies suddenly. Years later, she returns home

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Ling er is a 17-year-old woman. Her home is in Lijia Village at the foot of Qingfeng Mountain.When it comes to linger, she’s really pretty.The old people of Li jia village said that Linger was the most beautiful woman in a hundred square miles.One afternoon, linger came to a person behind li Jia village on the hillside to pick peaches, in order to prevent the Wolf on the mountain, Linger took a woodcutter.When the spirit arrived in front of peach tree forest, suddenly two men came out of peach tree forest.The two men, one is Wang Dafa, the rich man of Wangjia village next to Lijia Village, the other is Qin Wen, Wang Dafa’s housekeeper.It turned out that Wang Dafa and Qin Wen had nothing to do. They heard that the peaches on the mountain were ripe, so they went to the mountain to pick them.After they picked the peaches for a while, they found that He had come to the peach forest.Wang Dafa was a womanizer. When he saw Spirit, he quickly took Qin Wen out of the peach forest and began to molest Spirit.Ling ‘er, a fierce woman, saw Wang dafa molesting her and immediately brandished a woodcutter. As a result, the woodcutter accidentally cut Wang Dafa’s neck and he died on the spot.When Qin Wen saw That Wang Dafa was killed with a woodcutter, he ran away in fear.Linger saw a life, also terrified.Afraid to go home, she ran up the hill to the nunnery.After she ran into the nunnery, she said to the old nun: “Old teacher, I have killed a man, you hurry to save me.”Originally, the spirit often goes to the nunnery to play, and the nunnery’s old nun is very familiar with, to say this nunnery, is not very big, there is only an old nun.The old nun after listening to the words of linger is very surprised, she said to Linger: “Linger, you hurriedly tell me, you are how to kill?”So, Ling will pick their own mountain peaches, and then accidentally killed Wang Dafa told the old nun.The old nun thought for a moment and then said, “I have a way to save you. Come with me!”Old nun will shine into a house, took a pill from a small wooden box, and then gave the pill to shine said: “this is a medicine feign death, after eating the medicine suspended animation, you can feign death, you will this feign death medicine get home, tell your parents, after you feign death buried them to hurry up will you dig out, and then send you to the nunnery.”Linger took the pill and thanked the old nun.When Ling returned home, he told his parents how he had accidentally killed Wang Dafa and the old nun had given her a fake death pill.Her mother said to her, “Don’t worry, Spirit. When you are buried, we will dig you out as soon as possible and take you to a nunnery.”The next morning, Linger ate fake dead medicine, time is not long, Linger fake dead.After Linger died, her parents cried bitterly.When the villagers heard their cries, they rushed in.When the villagers learned that linger died, advised linger’s parents are sorry.Near noon, a group of yamen came to Linger’s home, they are to catch Linger.Yamen head checked the body of The dead, confirmed that The dead, and then the yamen left the home of the dead.In the afternoon, his parents buried him on the hillside behind Lijia Village.Late that night, the spirit’s parents came to the burial place with a spade, and then dug out the spirit.They dug up the spirit and took turns carrying it to a nunnery.In the nunnery, the old nun put the cure into the mouth of the spirit.About half a pillar incense time, the spirit woke up.When she woke up, the old nun said to her, “Spirit, from now on you will live in an underground palace in the backyard of a nunnery.”From then on, the spirit lived in an underground palace in the back yard of the nunnery.One morning in the second year, the old nun went shopping in a small town under the mountain. On the way back to the nunnery, she found a young man lying on the ground.The old nun hurried to the young man’s side and found him motionless.She crouched down and felt the young man’s breath with her finger. She saw that he was still alive.So she fingered the young man and after a while, the young man woke up.When the young man woke up, he told the old nun that he was a scholar from another province. His hometown was famished and his family all died, but he had survived.So he left his hometown and wandered about.This morning he went up to the mountain to pick fruit, the results did not pick fruit, hunger faint here.After hearing what he had to say, the old nun said to him, “I’ll take you to a nunnery, where they have food.”With that the old nun helped the young man to his feet.Next, the old nun helped the young man to a nunnery.In a nunnery, the old nun said to the young man, “Live in a nunnery from now on!”From then on, the young man lived in a nunnery.One day, the old nun sent food to linger, was found by the young man, so the old nun told the young man linger’s experience, the young man said to the old nun: “the old master rest assured, I will keep a secret.”The young man had been living in a nunnery for three years before he knew it.One morning, the young man went to play in the small town below the mountain. He saw a notice in the town. The notice said that the imperial court held an examination to recruit talents from all over the world.When the young man returned to the nunnery, he said to the old nun, “Master, I want to go to the capital to take an examination.”After listening to what he said, the old nun said, “I support you to go to the capital to take the exam. I have 10 ounces of silver here, so I will pay you to go to the capital.”The next day, the young man left the nunnery.Time went by, half a year later, the young man suddenly came back.He did not return alone, however, but with a large company.It turned out that the young man went to the capital to take the examination, and came first in high school. Soon he was appointed an imperial envoy by the emperor.After he became an imperial envoy, he came down to the nunnery with his staff.Next, the young man took linger and his men, came to the local county government.He told the magistrate that Wang Dafa molested Ling, Ling mistakenly killed Wang Dafa.After hearing what he said, the magistrate said, “The rich man Wang Dafa deserved to die, and the Girl linger was innocent.”After the young man led his men away, Linger returned home.When she met her parents, they held her in their arms and cried.The villagers came to see her when they heard she was back.When the villagers learned that the old nun had saved her, they said that the old nun would be rewarded for her good deeds.