Take the winter Olympics to an immersive ice and snow vacation

2022-04-23 0 By

Catch a warm sun in winter, feel the romance of a cup of mulled wine, watch the snow around the stove in the warm cabin, watch the waterfall fringe in the floor window of the panoramic view…In winter, all the romance you want can be realized here.Nine mountains, a place full of hormones.With the opening of the Winter Olympic Games, the ice and snow sports directly to the peak, people’s enthusiasm for participation is rising.Nine mountains through high-tech artificial snow, carefully created can let the size of friends enjoy playing snow, snow tanks, snowmobiles, snow around, ski circle, ice and snow concert……Numerous ice and snow play projects, feel different winter.In the mountains, there are no skyscrapers, but slow times for an immersive experience.In addition to experiencing ice and snow projects, you can also experience an immersive romantic vacation in the wild and luxurious life experience hall with a strong sense of ritual.Hand-ground coffee in coffee house, sachet making in Women flower Fragrance Shop, lipstick DIY in Lip Color Lipstick Bar, hand-roasted by parents in cow’s oven, and the wood fireplace that gives people endless imagination…30 romantic wild and luxurious life experience pavilions, pavilions are different, everywhere amazing.Make a gift for yourself and let the beauty of the New Year shine.Use music to ignite the passion in your heart and make this year’s lunar New Year more “wild”.The snow and ice project during the day is not fun, at night, the snow and ice concert is also officially staged, bright fireworks lit, jumping bonfires lit, dynamic music resounding across the mountains, children chasing each other, big friends, dancing around the bonfire, lights reflect the smile on everyone’s face.Seasons change, all things reincarnation.A window into the scenery, so that you do not have to go out, they can enjoy the beauty of nine mountains.Choose a b&B, the family sitting around the stove, night talk about life, warm wine brewing tea, such a year, warm and romantic.Mountain years, no work to clean up the tired, there are happy reunion of the world fireworks.Catch the Spring Festival holiday by the tail and have a party before work.