The exchange of ordinary commemorative coins and banknotes for the 24th Winter Olympic Games has begun again

2022-04-23 0 By

The People’s Bank of China decided to ordinary commemorative COINS, commemorative bank notes the 24th winter Olympic Games (hereinafter referred to as the games, the games are chao) respectively for the first time to make an appointment for rest again make an appointment to exchange, shanxi facility assume jointly by six commercial bank, the bank of China, Shanxi Province is the games, the games are in shanxi region money exchange to undertake one of the bank,You can make an online reservation from 22:30 on February 11 to 24:00 on February 13, 2022 through the Bank of China portal, mobile banking and wechat banking.A set of 2 winter Olympic coins, each set includes 1 copper alloy commemorative coins for ice sports and snow sports, each face value of 5 yuan, each face value of 10 yuan.The redemption limit is 20 sets per person.There are 2 winter Olympic banknotes in a set, each set includes 1 commemorative banknotes for ice sports and 1 commemorative banknotes for snow sports, each face value is 20 yuan, each face value is 40 yuan.The redemption limit is 20 sets per person.Games coin positive design games currency on the back of the pattern of ice sports in cyan pattern in cyan snow sports games, the games are money again to make an appointment for time to arrange an appointment time: on February 11, 2022 22:30 solstice on February 13 24:00 verification period: in February 2022, February 17, 16 solstice exchange period:February 18, 2022 to February 24, 2022 “Winter Olympics, banknote love”.This quota is limited, and it is on a first-come-first-served basis. Please refer to the official website of Bank of China Limited (WWW.BOC.CN) for the information of the reservation exchange outlets.