World of Warcraft: today’s tribes and races can only be described as having no descendants and no fighting spirit

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Since the death of Saurfar the younger, the departure of Thrall as chief of the horde, the defeat of Garrosh Hellscream, and the funeral of Lord Saurfar, the orc clan has had almost no successors.Thrall could have used his post-Apocalyptic influence to train more of the young orcs to excel.But he was so used to life that he was afraid of death.Only to herd sheep in Nagrand, not to lead horde orcs to greatness.Now, after years of dramatic events, Sall is with the alliance.After the death of Orkin, the troll clan, there was no role for trolls to take matters into their own hands and restore their former glory.Even if lokan came out of nowhere, it was just a shorty out of a bigger shorty.Lokan was a marginal figure among the tribal leaders.No matter what happens to the trolls now, they can only ask Orkin, who has been promoted to the deity of Loa, for advice.The tauren calf’s only moments of glory after the Cataclysm came when he led the alliance into Orgrimmar, and when he contributed to the tauren tribe’s famous Baine in Stormwind.It’s fair to say that calf doesn’t deserve to be a leader of the Tauren when compared to his father, Cairn Bloodhoof. He has no other merit than good birth.Tauren under his leadership, from the original Wolf line thousands of miles to eat meat, into today’s dog line thousands of miles to eat shit.By the neck of the warden Zoval, the most useless soul.If the tauren continues to be led by a calf, sooner or later he will become a bleating sheep.The forsaken clan the forsaken never expected sylvanas to turn against them, nor did they expect that a Kanya Meneshil would be parachuted in as their new leader.Who is Gallia, lawful heir to Lordaeron, faithful comrade of the Alliance!The blood elf clan Ah-jon is a political creature, and he always acts with a speculator mentality.When king Varian, the Lion of the Alliance, was alive, he almost brought the blood elves back into the alliance.It is clear that the blood elves regard the horde as nothing more than a protective umbrella that can be discarded at any time.Maghan orc maghan orc and the alliance have no grievances, even if the year was pushed a wave, it is also the alliance and tribal partnership, if this matter is detailed, the tribe started more ruthless than the alliance.If the Orcs of Maghan say they were beaten by the Draenei of Irel, that is just the orcs of Maghan. There is no such thing as love without a cause, and there is no such thing as innocent beatings.Unless the alliance creates a light Binder race, it will attract the wrath of the Maghan orcs.Kaolin Tauren: Who did not spawn a tauren in the legion?Zandalar trolls’ naval power has been decimated by Kul Tiras, otherwise zandalar trolls would not have joined the horde.Zandalar trolls join the horde mentality, a bit of double arkama.The fox and goblin races are both opportunists, loyal only to pennies and working for those who pay the most.Tribes are needed, but not necessary, for both races.It’s better to expect these two races to get things done for the tribe than to expect calves.Panda man gray: “Season, your wife doesn’t want it?”