Xingtai Qinghe County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine resumed normal medical services

2022-04-23 0 By

According to the official account of Qinghe County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital on March 24, in order to implement the arrangements of epidemic prevention and control and medical treatment by superior departments and meet the medical needs of people in the county, qinghe County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital has resumed normal medical services since March 25.In order to facilitate the masses to seek medical treatment, hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine ambulance free to receive hospitalized patients, emergency telephone: 8187979.Based on the current situation of epidemic prevention and control in this county and the actual situation of hospitals, relevant regulations are hereby informed as follows in order to further fulfill the requirements of epidemic prevention and control:All personnel must wear masks during the whole process of entering the hospital, and minimize the number of accompanying patients. They should actively fill in the “Grass QR code” (QR code at the end of the article) to complete their personal information, show the health code, travel code, nucleic acid certificate within 48 hours, and cooperate with temperature detection and epidemiological history investigation.In order to reduce cross-infection, the following points are advocated in the outpatient department of the hospital: 1. “One doctor, one patient, one clinic” is strictly implemented; 2.2. Sit apart when waiting for treatment;3. Keep at least one meter away from others when queuing;4. The fever clinic is temporarily closed. Patients with fever should go to other designated hospitals.1. It is strictly forbidden to visit, and not accompany if it is not necessary. If it is really necessary, it shall be accompanied by fixed attendants;2. Escorts must have no fever, cough and other symptoms, and have not been to medium-high risk areas within 14 days;3. During hospitalization, do not enter or leave the ward at will, strictly restrict the route and scope of activities, and do not go outside or leave the hospital.(Yandu Rong Media Reporter Zhang Huiwu Correspondent Zhang Yu)