Xu Mengtao, Wu Dajing paper exposure!Net friend: write thesis incidentally take a champion?

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Xu Mengtao, Wu Dajing in the Beijing Winter Olympics after the appearance of many people found their core operation – write a paper!Netizen: Is it possible that they “run” the data themselves for the paper?Xu Mengtao of China celebrates after winning the women’s freestyle aerials final on Feb. 15, 2008.It is worth noting that Xu Mengtao is also a 2019 doctor of Beijing Sport University. “Sport and Science” reprinted Dr. Xu Mengtao’s paper “Research on Xu Mengtao’s sports behavior:Freestyle skiing aerial narrative skills training practice – Xu Mengtao and Cheng Zhili training learning dialogues in 2021 12 on the issue of the journal of Beijing sports university also published Wu Dajing to participate in the “3 weeks living Gao Xun low champion Wu Dajing a case analysis of the body composition and aerobic capacity on February 5th, the Chinese team player Wu Dajing to celebrate their victory.Xinhua News Agency reporter Cao Can, the research object – Wu Dajing previously caused concern and Su Bingtian personally “run” data, sent a paper to study their own triggered netizens hot discussion source: Xinhua News Agency editor: Yang Wendi, Hui Yutang, supervised: Li Xuening authority issued concern about people’s livelihood service social news leads: 0954–2077646yzqrmt2020@163.com