Awakening of Insects has been half when spring thunder smell?

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What the child said, as the saying goes, spring weather will change This morning Cloud cover the sky But istill through heat no dazzling sunlight Only a gentle warmth Everywhere the awaken of spring is abundant Everything is just fine Graceful leaning cornices fragrance to intoxicate but by noon The sun constantly release power The clouds thin From the cloud falls between seamToday, the highest temperature in the urban area has climbed to about 31℃, feeling a little hot outdoors. The scene of “disorderly dressing” can be seen everywhere. It is expected that the weather will be mainly sunny to cloudy from 15th to 19th, and there will be scattered showers in the evening of 15th to the morning of 16thThe first spring thunder of 2022 is expected to be welcomed. ▼▼ Specific weather for the next three days: From the evening of March 14 to the day of March 15, cloudy and sunny 18 to 31℃. From the evening of March 15 to the day of March 16 to the day of March 16, cloudy and sunny 18 to 30℃Warm reminder 1.The air is dry, the ground humidity is low, the forest fire risk meteorological level is high, fire source control needs to be strengthened.2. Farmers should strengthen the management of fertilizer and water and the monitoring and control of diseases and insect pests in the early spring, and actively carry out the work of sowing and breeding seedlings in the early spring;Strengthen water storage management, rational water resource allocation, for the later agricultural water use to lay the foundation.3. Pay attention to prevent the adverse effects of strong convective weather such as lightning and strong wind.