Can ordinary people in the stock market lie flat or have hope this year?

2022-04-24 0 By

Ningde times today, with collapse of gem refers to the stock overall fall more or less.In particular, the fund face severely frustrated, the fund really can not escape the risk, unless you buy a wide base of products, try Shanghai 500 this year.On the plate, tourism stocks are strong, infrastructure, especially environmental protection, pork plate momentum is very good.But can you think of buying a travel ETF?So ordinary people play this year, really difficult.But although the Shanghai Composite index was green today, there was a relatively rapid rise in the dish and the end of the day, it seems that there are still funds into the field, yesterday is white wine, today is metal, all day long do not know what to buy, may be a day on two trading points, open and end of the bar.Is it a dark Thursday?Seems to be but not like, after the dish and a beautiful country trade agreement on the news, do not know will affect the disk tomorrow, in fact, a week after the whole or in the strong walk, but do not hope that there are other accidents, so that we can return to the return of this, can empty warehouse empty warehouse!Tomorrow the last day, looking forward to a good news, a good plate.