Changsha songya lake side of the plum open, miss another year!

2022-04-24 0 By

Spring breeze gradually warm, sunny, it is rice outdoor outing, flower appreciation, kite flying good time, this weekend might as well go to songya Lake to enjoy the plum blossom!Recently, changsha Songya lake plum entered the best viewing period, suddenly like night fragrance hair, scattered as qiankun Wanlichun.Following the quiet fragrance of plum trees, you can find a grove of merlin near jinsha Silver Beach in Songya Lake National Wetland Park.Pink huagu in the morning mist shadow, let a person as if in wonderland.The plum blossom is in full bloom.The branches are covered with little red buds, which make you linger and watch as if this quiet time could last forever.A “plum blossom corridor” will dress up along the lake’s spring scenery especially enchanting, plum blossom in the park and songya Lake waterscape set off into a scene, forming a beautiful color picture scroll.Many people went out to bathe in the warm spring sun, enjoy flowers and walk their children.Some walk leisurely and stretch their muscles in the paths among the flowers;Some around the plum blossom photo card, happy;There are friends and relatives together while enjoying the scenery while chatting, vertical enjoy the good time.Bright red, pale pink petals, hidden inside the yellow stamens, small, dense.Visitors enjoy plum blossoms in the trees, holding up their cameras, mobile phones to take pictures of this intoxicating beauty.Is not across the screen all smell plum blossom incense?Appreciate plum must be timely, take advantage of the sunshine just come together about three or five friends encounter “plum” good time!Xiaoxiang morning news reporter Zhang Yang Zixin correspondent Zhang Di