Coagulate heart gather force to grasp production!Tiger year start, high-tech zone work scene is too hot!

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In the year of the Tiger, we will open a new bureau and take solid steps towards the future.In the year of the Tiger, major manufacturing enterprises, key projects under construction and industrial parks in the high-tech zone are stepping into the drum of starting construction. The scene is full of vigor and vitality, stirring up a new atmosphere of vigorous development.At the beginning of the New Year, the whole district took swift action to focus on epidemic prevention and control and economic development with the goal of “industry first”.To support the enterprises in the area during the Spring Festival continuous production, stable fertility, “acceleration”, booster for project construction enterprises “production”, a series of warm heart moves in the zone and the special 11 “spring package” (poke link to see details – money, heart with affection, “three high and new tiger” with 11 “spring package”, a “qi” hesui),With the benefits of real money so that more enterprises and their employees after a warm Spring Festival holiday, the full strength of the “tiger”, open a new dream journey.Key projects are related to the current and long-term development of the high-tech zone.Entering the site of the construction projects under construction in the high-tech Zone, excavators, earth-moving machines and other kinds of machinery shuttled back and forth, busy and orderly work, workers wearing hard hats and masks busy at their respective jobs, everywhere is a scene of full of struggle.Under the escort of the High-tech Zone, on the basis of implementing the requirements of epidemic prevention and control and work safety, the construction projects under construction in the zone are working hard to ensure that the construction of projects will not be suspended or off production.Condensing the heart gather strength to grasp the production, full throttle sprint “a good start”.In the high-tech Industrial park, many enterprises, with both epidemic prevention and control and production and operation, quickly entered the “busy mode” and rushed forward with all their energy.Some science and technology r&d enterprises in the area also ushered in the full resumption of work and production, and r&d personnel and production personnel “tiger” full strength, with a brand new attitude, into the scientific research and production task to tackle the key, to meet new challenges, to march toward a new journey with the momentum of tigers.In the New Year, the employees of Zhuhai Yingbo Electric Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Yingbo”) have switched from “vacation mode” to “combat mode”.In the production line of Yingbo, the technical workers have been put into the normal and orderly production work after learning the morning meeting of resuming work and production, and have returned to the usual busy working state.In the Office area of Yingboer, the employees of the enterprise management Department are sitting in front of the computers in order to carry out the work, with full enthusiasm and spirit into the work of the New Year, and sprint to the task target of 2022!Huaguan Technology On February 8th, the 8th day of the 1st lunar month, zhuhai Huaguan Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Huaguan Technology”) employees have said farewell to their hometown and returned to their posts to deliver orders for the New Year as planned.In the office area, the core department of the enterprise, the engineers of the technical center are engaged in the design and development work with full enthusiasm and good working condition.About 500 huaguan employees returned to work on the first day of operation, with a return rate of 90%.Rossini watch the New Year, new hope, with the epidemic prevention and control measures of strong, rossini watch work with brand-new mental outlook, many new product ready, marketing team fight, hundreds of staff shuttle busy in one line, electronic Commerce Department 24 hours shift “Spring Festival” service guarantee, warehouse logistics personnel package parcel passion…Rossini watch industry resume production presents a busy scene.After the Spring Festival holiday energy storage, Rossini people have riveted full energy, set foot on the New Year’s struggle journey, and draw a brilliant new chapter!Jianxuan company years more new spring.On the first day of work after the Spring Festival, Zhuhai Jianxuan Garment Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Jianxuan Company”) has resumed work and production in an orderly manner on the premise of epidemic prevention and control and ensuring product quality. The production workshops and office areas are bustling with activity.The total number of employees in Jianxuan company is about 200, 80% of which have been put into normal and orderly production.Year of the Tiger Exhibition Huzi high new people are to huhu shengwei of the vigorous spirit of huhu shengwei, hard work, refuel dry for high quality high standard high starting point planning the construction of future science and technology city contribution force.