“Epidemic” from the “Shanghai” information development in action

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Shanghai News China Securities Net news (reporter Liu Liwen) In March, the COVID-19 epidemic continues to test Shanghai.In the face of a new round of sudden “reverse cold” epidemic, Information development combined with its own business, to ensure the safety of citizens and the supply of important daily necessities as the core goal, actively assist relevant government departments to find problems, find solutions, add measures, and actively practice corporate social responsibility for epidemic prevention and control.On the basis of years of deep cultivation of information business in the wholesale market end, the company actively provides suggestions and suggestions for “ensuring the normal passage of vehicles for supply”.In order to ensure the smooth inter-provincial organization and transportation of agricultural products supplied to Shanghai during the epidemic period, the “Shanghai Daily Necessities Guarantee Permit” has been implemented in the main supply and wholesale markets affiliated to Shanghai Vegetable Group in accordance with the current 48-hour nucleic acid negative certification requirements of Shanghai municipality for people entering Shanghai.Under the most urgent situation of epidemic prevention and control, the partners of information development were ordered to work overtime to meet the deadline and fully mobilize the company’s information resources for efficient team cooperation when most of the employees were quarantined at home.In bright group – Shanghai vegetable supply wholesale market of the main “pre-registration platform system based on the” rapid application, examination and approval, obtain “life supplies passes in Shanghai” (electronic version), for travel insurance for the first line opened up a green vehicles carrying equipment for an important electronic channel, glorious for operation under the epidemic protection for enterprise can help.Relevant personnel can apply for pre-registration through the system, and the application information includes driver information, nucleic acid negative certificate, commodity information, origin and sales location information, etc., and the operator must check the use of the promise box.When completed, the pre-registration QR code will be generated, and the relevant audit personnel can complete the issuance of the pass on the mobile phone after review.”Upgraded” pre-registration platform system for Shanghai vegetable group each related wholesale market meet the conditions for passport issued in the vegetables, meat and other agricultural products business enterprises to provide “life supplies pass (electronic version)” in Shanghai, and related vehicle by pass either in puxi, can also be in pudong, PuNa normal traffic control area,Providing convenience for transport vehicles of main and non-staple food to enter Shanghai, effectively ensuring the smooth and efficient supply of “vegetable basket” for Shanghai citizens.The more difficult it is, the more companies must shoulder their social responsibilities.Since the resumption of the epidemic, the company has also intensified efforts in specific business application scenarios by combining the key links of the food safety supply chain business. At present, the mission of epidemic prevention and control has been implemented in the retail link and the operation and maintenance of vegetable farms.In the retail sector, information development has strengthened the operation guarantee of the “traceability SaaS system” under the epidemic situation, and ensured the stable operation of the system by increasing the round-the-clock control of technical personnel.In the operation and maintenance of the market, the friends who can go out will go to the market to purchase dishes every morning.In an orderly distribution, we each perform their respective duties, from the collection of dishes, handling, weighing, sorting, ticketing to distribution, materials in a day to successfully send to the door of the local residential area, in the case of manpower, logistics shortage, as far as possible for the area of residents in need to send care and help.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com