Foreign media: The passion of the Winter Olympics led to the vigorous development of snow sports in China

2022-04-24 0 By

Ice and snow athletes from around the world are competing hard in Beijing, and the excitement of the Winter Olympics has kept Chinese people’s interest in and participation in ice and snow sports growing.Foreign media said that this enthusiasm is driving the vigorous development of ice and snow sports in China.As CNN reported recently, the timing couldn’t be better.China is hosting the Winter Olympics in Beijing, and a new generation of Young Chinese is watching Chinese athletes like Gu Win gold MEDALS and dreaming of their future sporting achievements.China has taken many measures to promote winter sports in recent years, the report said.China’s overall commitment to winter sports since Beijing’s successful bid for the Games has been considerable.China now has more than 650 standard rinks and more than 800 ski resorts, according to the General Administration of Sport of China.These figures represent an increase of 317% and 41% respectively from 2015.More than 300 million Chinese have reportedly taken part in winter sports since Beijing won the Olympic bid seven years ago.Now, children all over China have the opportunity to participate in winter sports.Even in some of China’s warmest cities, indoor ski resorts, ice rinks, ski simulators and other venues for ice and snow sports are springing up.In the big cities of Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Beijing and Shenyang, both adults and children can now play in the snow, despite outdoor temperatures reaching more than 20 degrees.’Being an Olympian isn’t the only temptation,’ the article says.On Chinese social media, many ordinary people have shared photos of their recent skiing and snowboarding.In addition, Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao reported that due to the limited weather conditions, snow sports, especially snow sports, are more popular in the north of China.In recent years, however, more and more southerners are also clocking in at ski resorts across the country in winter, and some families are full skiers.”The snow and ice fever has spread through social media in recent years,” said Yan Jingjing, a skier. “Everyone is enjoying skiing and many people want to experience it.”With gu Ailing and Su Yiming, the new generation of ice and snow athletes, becoming more and more popular.”(Editing by Qi Lei pan Yiqiao)