He is violent and cruel choke her neck, Yin malicious to say, who is the child?

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Book fans are still troubled by the shortage of books?Reading to see fatigue, resulting in their own no books to chase the situation.Xiaobian is also many years old bookworm read countless books.Very can understand everyone’s mood, so xiaobian with many years of reading experience and everyone’s summary recommendation, to share high scores and high quality novels, let you minute minute fan!So make sure you collect them.He was furious and cruel, choking her neck, Yin malicious to say, who is the child?The first: “heaven falls lovely baby: devil daddy don’t escape” author: simple brief introduction: woman, say, who is the child?”A dirty trade lets her bead foetus dark knot, the wedding that thinks happiness also is only a wager originally!Five years later, taking the child that does not belong to him, she of complete transformation returned to his side again!He is violent and cruel to choke her neck, Yin malicious to say, who is the child?”No.”Only the rage of the bright eyes looked at Ouyang Yao, “I do not ask for leave, where to read is my business, do not need you to interfere!”Ouyang Yao clutched his only lower jaw and his blue eyes lit up with cold light. “You are so excited, are you reluctant to appoint William?””No.”The only honest denial said, breaking away from Ouyang Yao’s hand, “Don’t be unreasonable, ok?””I’m being unreasonable?”Ouyang Yao big hand jilted, will only fall on the sofa, gloomy handsome face, “that picture is how to return a responsibility?””The pictures?Don’t you already know that?It’s the Angle.”The only one slightly twisted his eyebrows and sat up, wondering why Ouyang Yao had gone mad.”Angle?”Ouyang Yao curled his lips in disdain, “Han Weiyi, if you were not together, would you have taken a picture of that Angle?Or is it just a picture of you kissing?”Think of that poster, Ouyang Yao feel chest stuffy, she is his lover, before he has not said the end of the game, she can not and other men together!”Yes!”Ouyang Yao looked at the only one who rose suddenly hugged her waist, and sealed her lips when she opened her mouth to speak.In spite of his only struggle, he plundered, his long tongue direct, teasing her lilac uvula, and when her little face was red from lack of breath, he released her and, as always, declared, “You are mine!”Suddenly the door was pushed open, the only hand is also in the night and Stu Jue come in, fell in ouyang Yao’s handsome face, that slap hit abnormal loud, hit three long business, field of love of the man dumbfounded.”Since you don’t trust me, don’t pretend to trust me in front of others. It just makes me feel sick!”The only one who wiped the tears from his face, pushed open the door and hurried out with Stujue.(Click below to read it for free) The second book: “Sweet Baby: Mommy, Please be gentle” by Creepy Introduction: In one night, Shen’s life has been turned upside down.</br>The family went bankrupt, the only real sister climbed into his boyfriend’s bed, he was confused by a strange man took away the first time.</br>But shen YaoYao isn’t easy to handle, hand tore the white lotus flower foot kick deceive philandering emotional man child can quite heavily contents: on one side of the children looked at shen lovely baby face all feel a little admire, even have always been some bolder bully-boy couldn’t help asking, “are you really not afraid?”Shen lovely baby light looked at the small overlord one eye, did not speak.Small overlord feel Shen lovely baby is very fierce, in the heart even have recognize eldest brother’s impulse.Where can they think of, Shen lovely baby heart has begun to regret, early know let mother leave for him, have no notice to say to want physical examination, be to want an injection?Shen lovely baby’s heart course no one knows, at this time the children of the whole class have faint Shen lovely baby.The previous physical examination is very routine, the children’s heart is slowly put down, but soon to their most worried relief.The girl with dreadlocks happened to be standing next to Shen’s darling. She turned white when she saw the first child’s pale face being drawn. “What is that?Isn’t it an injection?”One side of the small bully is probably experienced blood drawing this link, although is also very afraid of needles, but not like the little girl’s performance do not know what, “that is to draw blood, is to have a blood test.You are too timid to cry later.”That’s true, but the bully’s own little face is pale.The little girl of goat horn braid is scared as expected by small overlord one rustle shrink, the lovely baby that leaves Shen followed closely, try to find a few sense of security from the other side body.Soon the line reached Shen’s lovely baby.The nurse sister who drew blood saw the name of shen’s lovely baby. Her eyes flashed and she smiled more kindly. It seemed that the little lovely in front of her was the child that the dean had ordered.Nurse sister smiled very gently, “children do not be afraid of oh, soon it will be good.”Shen lovely baby pale, but just nodded, just when he saw the needle still could not help but she once again, fortunately, shen YaoYao education him, a man can’t easily shout pain, so at the moment of needle into, although her brows shen cute baby but not like before the kids scared crying like that.Even the teacher accompanying them was surprised. The boy was so good.(Click below to read it for free.)Author: Hua Yuan ye introduction: her last life is a small pink pig, in addition to sleep and eat every day is to deal with that boil to the dead tiger.He was a human being all his life. He would never make the same stupid mistake.”Evil brother is the best for xiao Wu…Don’t eat small five…”Your lovely baby has been afraid of this hidden in his side of the king of the forest since childhood.And wenren royal evil has long been accustomed to her pain on the cry, comfortable pettish temper.Get down on her and do 100 pushups, fuck her last name!Exciting content: During the period, wenren yuxie is not know what happened, but looked at gong Dehua sa when he returned home, heavy face.He did not have to guess that Gong Dehua must have promised jun’s lovely baby’s mother something.Can let gong dehua sa so, in addition to Li Jun Chen, he poured or the first time to see.Jun lovely baby toss toss to toss also did not cry even did not make, as before, heartless has been asleep.This time, I won’t bow no more not when Devasa says I can’t be around your sweet baby.Because, gong Dehua sa talked with him, as long as he will jun lovely baby’s results up, he can promise him three conditions.Originally said that promised to hear people to resist evil one condition, but hear people to resist evil three conditions, otherwise, he will not help.Gong Dehua sa is your lovely baby, endure!Fifth grade summer vacation, your lovely baby did not go to zhen demon sister over there, but every day and wenren royal evil together.Wenren royal evil to her tutoring, will break her past life, so that the lovely baby has not had time to adapt, let her struggle in homework and papers every day.Bai Li cangcang good, often to hear the royal evil home leap up.And hear a person to resist evil because of jun lovely baby, nature cannot allow bai Licang to make a fool of, as time passes, bai Licang also has to follow with jun lovely baby like hear a person to resist evil study.Hearing people against evil can be more effective than any teacher, not boast, but the fact.(Click below to read for free) Wonderful recommendation every day, as long as you pay attention to me, more beautiful novels will be ready for you every day, I hope you don’t miss it.If you have different opinions or views, welcome everyone to comment, give me valuable opinions.I will keep recommending better books.Looking forward to your precious message.Look back in time;He incarnate ferocious beast, to her every kind of plunder, but she has a special liking for him!Ancient saying: once the awakening incarnation ugly, holding space ring invincible, grand plans!Reborn military wedding: She is reborn as a military doctor, stunning and seduced by an iron officer.He incarnate ferocious beast, to her every kind of plunder, but she has a special liking for him!