Notice on further strengthening prevention measures for the acceptance of epidemic diseases in vehicle management business

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Notice of Vehicle Management Office of Traffic Police Detachment of Linyi Municipal Public Security Bureau on Further strengthening business acceptance and protection measures against the epidemic in driving test EnvironmentIn order to comprehensively guarantee the health and life safety of the masses, combined with the actual work of vehicle management in Linyi city, the Vehicle Management Office of traffic Police Detachment of Linyi City Public Security Bureau hereby issues this notice on strengthening epidemic prevention measures: 1. Zero contact, online.Car owners and drivers who have business needs are requested to choose to use the mobile phone APP of “Traffic Control 12123” or log in traffic safety comprehensive service platform to handle the required business through “online business, palm business, self-service business, mail business” and other non-contact business.Two, business management “four uniform”.Those who do need to go to the site must strictly abide by the “four rules” of epidemic prevention, that is, all must have their temperature taken, all must check their health code and travel code, all must inquire about their health status, and all must wear masks throughout the whole process.Please wear a mask for self-protection during the business.Consciously accept the guidance and management of the staff, keep a safe distance, comply with the provisions of “one meter line”;Please leave immediately after handling the business, do not gather or stay.Three, subject examination “four must”.Starting from March 14 (Next Monday), test takers must hold a nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours, wear a mask correctly, show a health code and take their body temperature.Those whose health code is not green or whose body temperature exceeds 37.3 degrees Celsius cannot take the test.4. Suspend the acceptance of “change of examination place” business.Since March 14 (next Monday) handle suspend “changes to the test” business, students will not be accepted from city changes to zhuhai for the exam, “change the examination” business has successfully handled the test participants should take 48 hours nucleic acid testing negative reports, present health code, code and have to be vaccinated against new crown prove (health code can query), and personal protection for the exam.V. Suspension of weekend business.Since March 12 (this Saturday), all departments of the city’s vehicle administration will use weekend time to test and clean the personnel and environment, and suspend the external acceptance of various businesses.We hereby inform you that we apologize for any inconvenience caused.Linyi City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment vehicle Management Office March 11, 2022 Source by Linyi DMV editor by Main Wenjuan review by Wang Hongguo signed by Li Huabao