Spring Festival on CCTV!Linyi 3 tourist attractions and out of the circle

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In recent years, Linyi scenic spots in different time of CCTV in different columns in the continuous debut, the city’s strong flavor and unique cultural symbols in front of the national audience!Year 29 and the third, Linyi hedong, Yinan, Yishui have boarded the CCTV.January 30, Linyi Cultural Tourism New Year wonderful circle.The Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum of Hongshizhai Scenic Spot “Tiger Baby Making Spring Festival” was broadcast live on the New Year’s Eve of the special program “Legendary Chinese Festival, Spring Festival” on CCTV.It is reported that on January 25, CCTV ccTV-4 program “Legend of China Festival” invited Internet star V “German buns” to conduct a special Spring Festival program recording in Zhuquan Village · Hongshi Village. The program team visited hongshi Village intangible Cultural Heritage Museum in the form of Vlog visit and experience, and interviewed Zuo Ansheng, the fifth generation inheritor of intangible cultural heritage dough sculptures.During the interview, “German steamed stuffed bun” made tiger head dough figurine under the guidance of Master Zuo.During the Spring Festival holiday, linyi tourism service overall quality is high, tourism order.February 1 – February 15, hedong District Yizhou ancient city open to the public for free, attracted a lot of citizens to find the taste of the New Year, happy holidays.The Ancient city of Yizhou during the Spring Festival is very lively, everywhere is full of laughter, especially the wonderful folk performance to earn enough eyeball.In the afternoon of February 3, CCTV CCTV-13 “news live” to “Shandong Linyi: Stroll in The ancient city of Yizhou looking for folk Flavor” as the title, reported the ancient city of Yizhou strong festive atmosphere and unique strong festive atmosphere.The ancient city is decorated with thousands of lanterns.At the gate, there are three lion fights. The dazzling variety of food not only gives tourists a feast for their eyes, but also allows them to feast their eyes.The sugar spoon in the hand of the sugar painting artist is like a paintbrush. Between strokes, a vivid sugar tiger leaps onto the chopping board.On the stage of the ancient city, more than 10 local folk artists took turns to perform.Bring wonderful fish drum play and Yizhou qinshu performance, let visitors feel the charm of local opera.On February 3, more snow mountain rainbow rainbow valley, river bank Mongolia town and on CCTV, China central television (CCTV) – 1 “evening news” broadcast “in linyi in shandong province: the project on holiday While the iron is hot flower light up the night sky “, shandong TV, linyi station, reported by more TV station, j, weapons, interpretation of the source media linkage propaganda, more heat rising rainbow city that never sleeps.Under the lens of CCTV, the scenic spot has a panoramic view of the rainbow City that never sleeps, and the national intangible cultural heritage beat Iron flower show lights up the starry sky, bringing tourists a full taste of the New Year.Yimui Rainbow Never Night City is a scene step by step, including a full range of national tide net stars punching points, national tide behavior interpretation, traditional folk performance, to realize the round-the-clock network stars punching constantly and national tide net stars punching matrix.Tourist Chen Qingfeng said, “The scenic spot makes me feel the special flavor of The New Year.I just saw a performance of Guochao wind. It was very good.”Linyi has A long history, outstanding people, brilliant culture, beautiful scenery, and rich cultural tourism resources. At present, the city has 150 A-level tourist attractions, including 2 5A level and 26 4A level.Linyi city deeply promotes the construction of regional tourism, to achieve the in-depth integration of cultural tourism development, to create and launch a wealth of holiday cultural tourism products and characteristic theme activities, linyi cultural tourism brand influence continues to expand, for the high-quality development of Linyi cultural tourism industry into a new inspiration.