The Spring Festival is packed with blockbusters, including Zhang Yimou, Han Han and Tsui Hark, as well as the director Yao Shen and Yi Yangqianxi

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Dear fairies, happy New Year to you. I wish you a happy and prosperous Year of the Tiger.Spring Festival, although the weather is cold, but the Spring Festival film competition is hot, with “gods fight” to describe it is not wrong.Not only will there be new films from well-known filmmakers like Zhang Yimou, Tsui Hark and Han Han, but also Wen Muye, director of Dying to Survive, and Jackson Yi, will present a new film, Miracle, Stupid Child.Like Dying to Survive, Miracle & Stupid Is a social drama about a brother and sister who live together in Shenzhen.It is yi Yangqianxi, who has a good reputation in recent years, who plays the male protagonist.Some netizens said that from “Dying to Survive” can see that the text guide excellent, I thought I would not feel surprised to “Miracle · stupid child” wonderful.But unexpectedly, Yi Yangqianxi in the performance of the inside, but unexpected surprise.So far, the movie seems to be getting good reviews, and it’s trending on Weibo.But there’s another, less flattering, search for the movie.Another popular search was an apology for misspelling the name of Yi Yangqianxi, who sang the song at the end of the film, in the film’s closing credits.To tell you the truth, this mistake is really vulgar.But there’s no denying that the cast is really good.Among the actors in the play, in addition to Yi Yangqianxi, and Tian Yu these acting school.Huang Yao, who won the Magnolia Award for best supporting actress in 2021 for her role in the TV drama “Shan Hai Qing”, also stars in the film.For those who don’t know much about Qi Xi, who plays Wang Chunmei in the film, she is a well-recognized actress in film circles, having starred in classic films such as “Auld Lang Syne.”It’s just that Qixi’s fame is mainly in the film circle, so many people don’t know much about her.But Qi Xi before “Hear her” “Magic Mirror” in the successful role of a woman with appearance anxiety, caused a lot of hot discussion, DO not know anyone to her impression?In addition to the actors, the musical cast of “Miracle · Stupid Kids” is also very strong, in addition to the aforementioned Jackson Yi, Andy Lau, Zhou Shen, Zhou Bichang.Just so you know, are you going to see “Wonder Stupid Kids”?Of course, it’s a high-profile movie. How could it be without The Watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake?Like Dying to Survive, Chosin Lake is a blockbuster, and even more so.As its sequel, “The Watergate Bridge of Chojin Lake” naturally attracts attention.The cast is even stronger.Chen Kaige, Tsui Hark, Lam Chao-xian production, tsui Hark directed, Wu Jing, Yi Yangqianxi led the leading role, Duan Yihong special starring, Zhang Hanyu friendship starring, Zhu Yawen, Li Chen, Han Dongjun, Du Chun, Geng Le and other leading roles.Of course, Han Han’s The Four Seas is not to be sniffed at.Not only shen Teng starred, Liu Haoran starred, and just in the “Famous” in the successful success of Yin Zheng, as well as Qiao Shan, Wang Yanlin, Huang Xiaoming, Chen Xiaochun, Wan Ziliang and other actors.And “four seas” heroine, is the recent development momentum is good “mou young woman” Liu Haocun.The actors she has worked with in recent years, from Zhang Yi to Yi Yangqianxi and now Liu Haoran, are all famous.When it comes to Mou, it’s hard not to mention director Zhang Yimou, who with his daughter Zhang Mo directed sniper, which was also released this Spring Festival.”Sniper” and Changjin Lake, is also to resist the United States aid North as the background, one of the leading actors is a good reputation in recent years Zhang Yu.Zhang Yi also appeared.Have to say, this year’s Spring Festival, a lot of blockbusters, just like the gods fighting, really do not know who can laugh.I am yuanqi female wenqing xiaoya, do the mudslide in the entertainment review.Original is not easy, infringement must be prosecuted.Which of these Spring Festival movies will you watch?