The Year of the Tiger spring seven tianle

2022-04-24 0 By

Wuyi tram clock reason: The Spring Festival is coming, the Year of the Tiger is coming, wuyi Mountain water is the best, wuyi tea everyone loves, many want to travel in Wuyi friends worried about the holiday traffic jam, can’t move?Don’t worry!Fujian’s first light rail gives you different sightseeing tour experience ~ all the way green mountains and clear water, pass unimpeded no longer worry about traffic congestion, direct wuyi Mountain scenic spot south intersection!To Wuyi, take the tram to open the play mode, a Land Rover force, the New Year must be tiger Tiger Shengwei, step by step, more than every year, thriving.Address: You can take tram directly at Nanping City Station. The starting price is 5 yuan/seat, and the maximum price is 10 yuan/seat during the whole journey.