The chairman said he did not like to cry, but he zizhen shed tears twice

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He Zizhen and Chairman MAO are the famous red couple in the history of The Chinese revolution. They have been together for ten years and blossomed the most gorgeous flower of love in the most difficult period of the Chinese revolution.Chairman MAO was a man with rich emotions. He loved his family and cared about the poor people of China. He once said that he was not a man who loved to cry, and the treacherous battlefield did not allow him to cry easily.He wept twice for He Zizhen during the Long March and after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. He also said he Zizhen was the best woman for him.When did the chairman shed tears for He Zizhen?What was it that moved the weepy chairman so much?He Zizhen is a jiangxi girl, known as “yongxin flower” she naturally has outstanding looks, at the same time she has fair skin, slim figure, has a girlish beauty, like a blooming flower.She was a person full of revolutionary ideals. She wanted to make a career from an early age and was already a Member of the Communist Party at the age of 17.When she was a girl, He Zizhen always wore her hair in a long plait. Even though she was wearing the most popular student clothes at that time, she was unique.She liked to think, and when she did, her eyebrows would pucker up and there was a small, shallow furrow, but even that always attracted attention.In 1927, it was the time when He Zizhen and MAO Zedong met. On Jinggang Mountain, MAO Zedong saw He Zizhen, the “leader” of Yuan Wencai and Wang Zuo’s troops. He was dazzled and thought he was Yuan Wencai’s daughter.It did not occur to him that such a pretty young girl was already an old revolutionary.He took the initiative to shake hands with He Zizhen and said, “Hello, Comrade He Zizhen, my name is MAO Zedong. Let’s fight together in the future!”In Jinggangshan, MAO Zedong lived very close to He Zizhen. At that time, He Zizhen had malaria and often sat at the door in the sun. She often saw MAO Zedong.When MAO Zedong saw He Zizhen, he would take the initiative to greet her, ask her how her body recovered, and care about some life problems.He zizhen felt very good towards MAO Zedong, who was soft-spoken and unpretentious. Seeing that he cared so much about her, she got along with him as friends.During their chat, they got to know each other better, and MAO learned of His revolutionary past and praised her even more.Although he Zizhen is a woman, not lose a man, in the Yongxin riot, she led the red Guards strictly guard the south gate of the yongxin county, the enemy was furious and did not advance a bit.He Zizhen command battle calm and calm, advance and retreat, and in the fight had two guns killed two enemies, known as “double gun woman”, “Mulan”.She was the only female soldier in the first group of soldiers who went to Jinggang Mountain. She was one of the three female soldiers who really led soldiers and fought in Jinggang Mountain.Of course, such a courageous woman made people have sidelining eyes, MAO Zedong also appreciated he Zizhen.At that time, MAO Zedong would come to He Zizhen’s house every time he went out, knock on the window and say to her, “I have to go now.”At that time, He Zizhen felt that MAO Zedong was very strange. Why did he tell himself every time he went out?He Zizhen had a sweetheart before, ouyang Luo, but he died before, He Zizhen is very sad.MAO Zedong knew he Zizhen’s mind, he silently cared about he Zizhen, with his own way to protect her.Once, he Zizhen witnessed MAO zedong’s calm and calm appearance in the face of enemy attack. She was deeply impressed, and their friendship gradually went beyond the feeling of camaraderie.When He Zizhen came back that day, he saw MAO Zedong writing at his desk in the room. She did not disturb him, but gently leaned against the door frame, gazing affectionately at him. After a long time, MAO Zedong just raised his head and met He Zizhen’s hot eyes.He Zizhen hurriedly lowered his head, clutched a button at random, and looked only at the ground.MAO gently invited He Zizhen in and said in his shaoshan accent, “You are a good comrade, a good girl, and I like you very much.”He told He Zizhen about his basic situation, age and family status. He was frank, because he valued the relationship with He Zizhen very much.In 1928, the two were officially married.Yuan Wencai made a table of dishes, which was their wedding ceremony.MAO’s greatest treasure was a satchel made for him by He Zizhen, which he had spent days sewing in the dim light, and which he carried at all times.The long March is one of the biggest feats of the world. He Zizhen took part in the long March when she was pregnant. She needed to be taken care of physically, but she also took care of others.Along the way, she not only helped with publicity, but also volunteered to take three or four stretchers to take care of the sick and wounded.When the Long March arrived in Guizhou, the mountainous terrain made the journey more difficult, and the bad weather filled the air of depression among the troops on the journey.It was even worse for He Zizhen, who was several months pregnant. She was heavy, had difficulty walking, and often felt dizzy.But this female warrior will not be defeated, she persevered with extraordinary willpower, did not fall behind.Fellow comrades are very distressed he Elder sister, all aspects will try to provide convenience to her, but He Zizhen never accept.In Guizhou province, He Zizhen gave birth to her baby, but the war situation did not allow her to think much about it. As soon as the baby was born, she was sent away. She repeatedly told the villagers to take care of the baby, which was the only thing she could do as a mother.After the child was gone, she continued on her way, and her comrades admired her determination, which also brought strength to them.Once, the army beat a wild ox. Considering that He Zizhen had just given birth and her body needed to be nourished, the sergeant gave her an extra two jin of beef.When He Zizhen found out, he refused to accept anything and asked the sergeant to take away the beef and give it to other old comrades who needed it.The Long March to the present, although there are many dangers, but have turned the corner, but soon a test of life and death approaching he Zizhen.One day in March 1935, the troops were resting in the fifth platoon of Panxian county, the enemy planes explored their position and launched a heavy bombardment on them.They swooped down upon the soldiers, sure to win.He Zizhen and them hid in the grass by the roadside in a hurry.There was a loud bang and a stretcher bearer beside him was killed. This was one of the stretchers she took the initiative to take charge of. She looked at his flesh and blood and felt horrified.The wounded man next to him was struggling to get up, so He Zizhen rushed to him without calling him. She wanted to hold his arm, but the plane bombed him again.”Get down!She did not hesitate. She threw herself on the wounded man and pressed him under her.”He big sister!Beside his comrades rushed over, he Zizhen was covered with red blood, shaking people dizzy, but could not find a place to start.After examination, it was found that there were 17 wounds on He Zizhen’s body. Shrapnel penetrated deep into the flesh and opened the flesh, which made people unable to look at.When He Zizhen woke up, the last thing she wanted was for everyone to worry about her. “Don’t tell Chairman MAO about my injury. He is very busy commanding battles at the front, and I can’t distract him.”His comrades began to cry when they heard these words.He added: “If I can’t make it, just leave me at the home of my fellow villagers. I will go there when I win…””He big sister!Words did not finish was interrupted, we did not discuss the unanimous decision to tell Chairman MAO this matter, but also quickly!Before Chairman MAO specially sent guard Wu Jiqing to take care of He Zizhen, this he was anxious, anxious in the circle, the tears in his eyes seemed to immediately could not help falling down, “how to do, how to do!”They drew him aside, bowed their heads and said something, with which a cavalryman was already galloping towards the Red Army headquarters.After a while, chairman MAO, dressed in a coat and riding a horse, galloped in. He ran to He Zizhen, took her hand and called out to her anxiously: “Zizhen, Zizhen?”When He zizhen did not respond, MAO Zedong turned pale and held his wife’s head in his arms and began to cry. Now he was just an ordinary husband, worrying about his favorite wife.The worst of Ms. He’s wounds was on her back, where a shrapnel extended from her back to her right arm, creating an extra-long gash.With limited medical care, doctors could only remove the shrapnel from her body, wash it, apply it and bandage it, but more shrapnel remained in her body and grew into her flesh, causing her to suffer forever.She had been handled for the time being, but her health condition was still very bad and she needed further treatment in the future. After discussion, she wanted to keep He Zizhen in her hometown, but MAO Zedong firmly opposed it.”Absolutely not, even if we die!”It was MAO’s persistence that saved her life. In her later years, He zizhen recalled, “It was MAO zedong who saved me, otherwise I would not have been able to survive without the arrival of the enemy at home.”He Zizhen is really a very strong woman, she did not want to drag the troops back, when the Red Army across the grass, just walk by herself, every step needs great perseverance, but she persevered, without saying a word of pain.It was simply the most heroic march in the world. He Zizhen completed the Long March with amazing perseverance and followed the Central Red Army to the revolutionary base of northern Shaanxi without dragging his feet.After the founding of the Republic of China again for he Zizhen tears he Zizhen wants to go to the Soviet Union to cure and read, because she wants to read to continue to progress, can better help MAO Zedong, MAO Zedong did not want her to leave, but He Zizhen strongly requested, he is still very reluctant to sign the agreement.He Zizhen left Yan ‘an in 1937 and moved to the Soviet Union.Leaving MAO Zedong, she knew how much she missed him and always worried about him.In Xi ‘an she saved and saved, bought MAO zedong a new quilt and sent it back.When she arrived in Moscow, she wrote to MAO Zedong again, expressing her expectation and yearning for a new life.But later she was in the Soviet Union of life and not easy, due to the timing delay, shrapnel has been taken out of the body, and then met the Soviet Union of the Great Patriotic War, material shortage, she took Jiao Jiao (she and MAO Zedong’s daughter) and MAO Anying, MAO Anqing together difficult survived this period of time.In the middle Jiao Jiao gave birth to a disease, very serious, He Zizhen anxious, fortunately, jiao Jiao was better later.In 1947, she returned to China with Jiaojiao.After returning to China, He Zizhen learned from her brother and sister-in-law that MAO Zedong had taken care of her mother and sent her to the old age. Suddenly, her thoughts became stronger and tears filled her eyes.She could not wait any longer. She found the writing paper and prepared to write a letter to MAO Zedong. She seemed to be complaining and pouring out.In the letter, He zizhen said, “Chairman, I have returned to my motherland and now I am working, but I still need to get familiar with the domestic situation.Life in the Soviet Union was unimaginably bitter, more bitter than the Long March……President, thank you so much for taking care of my mother, which I will always remember.”Then he posted his letter together with jiaojiao’s letter to the chairman in Russian.Chairman MAO didn’t reply, but he called jiaojiao and told her to study hard.Later, Chairman MAO sent people to jiaojiao received the side to learn, He Zizhen felt lonely and lonely, she picked up the pen to Chairman MAO and wrote a letter.The letter asked the chairman to pay attention to the body, and said he missed Jiaojiao, but I believe that the chairman will be able to put jiaojiao education is very good.Chairman MAO did not reply, but asked Jiao Jiao to write a letter to her mother.”Hello, dear mother, how are you?Be sure to take good care of your body, or my father and I will be very sad, I am very good here in my father, my father and I miss you, my father asks you.”Every summer vacation, jiaojiao and her mother reunion day, MAO Zedong will send Jiaojiao there, let her accompany her mother.Jiao Jiao not only visited her mother, she also brought father’s care, every time Chairman MAO will give He Zizhen back a lot of things, there are daily necessities, there are to eat with.He Zizhen is the same, she will go in Jiao Jiao ready fresh vegetables to Chairman MAO, she is very clear about the chairman’s taste, southern vegetables she will buy in advance, wash, let Jiao Jiao bring Chairman MAO.In 1954, he Zizhen was resting at his brother’s home in Shanghai when a speech by Chairman MAO was playing on the radio. He was so surprised and delighted that he almost listened to it with his arms around the radio.His sister-in-law Li Liying said, “The chairman’s voice is so loud!””Yes, very loud, just like before.”He Zizhen held the radio, the radio on the loop played chairman MAO’s recording, she seemed to hear the world’s most pleasant sound, has been listening to, even forgot to eat.When Li Liying got up the next morning, he Zizhen was still sitting in the same position. She had obviously not slept all night and had not moved. She pressed her ear to the radio, but there was no sound coming from the radio.Li Liying came and patted the radio. He Zizhen asked her: “What happened to the radio? Why didn’t chairman MAO’s speech come on?”Li Liying said painstakingly: “The radio broadcast a day, has broken.”After hearing this, he Zizhen darkened her expectant face. Her hopes were shattered and she fell ill.Tea fan can not think, the mouth has been mumbling chairman MAO’s name, they have been separated from Yan ‘an for more than ten years, He Zizhen miss the chairman is too thick, thick can not open.Chairman know, in front of Jiao Jiao again shed tears, he never in front of Jiao Jiao to hide his memory of He Zizhen, this time is calm.He wrote a letter to He Zizhen, urging her to listen to the doctor’s advice and take good treatment, and urging her not to smoke so much. In the letter, he asked He Minxue again to take good care of He Zizhen. His concern was expressed in his words.As soon as Chairman MAO’s letter arrived, He Zizhen obediently obeyed him. She cooperated with the treatment and gave up smoking.The chairman knew her radio was broken, so he bought her a panda for her.Once he Zizhen sent 1000 yuan, useless, he Zizhen gave it to the old comrade who had covered her in Jinggangshan.A foreign guest sent a brand-name cigarette, the chairman smoked half, the other half to He Zizhen, had already quit smoking he Zizhen began to smoke again.They continue to use a piece of goods in this way their thoughts, passing their friendship.MAO Zedong once said to He Zizhen, “I don’t cry at ordinary times. I only cry under three circumstances: first, I hear the cries of poor people; second, I see the guards who have followed me for many years leave or get injured; third, I hear the news of your injury in Guizhou.Chairman MAO is not only an all-powerful general and a wise national leader, but also an ordinary person. He will shed tears for He Zizhen, for the poor people and for the guards, which is the great feelings of the chairman.We will always remember Chairman MAO!