Three people “get rich day” hiding in the house gambling, because of too noisy reported

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The eighth day of the first lunar month is commonly known as “Fortune Day”. Many businessmen want to welcome wealth and good fortune on this day.Taizhou Jingjiang three men want to be on this day “bo” a good lottery head, secretly hide in a resident’s home gambling, the results because the sound is too loud by the passing crowd heard the report.Modern express reporters learned that after the police arrived, the three men and provide gambling places bai Mou and other four people arrested, currently four people were detained.At 3:00 p.m. on February 8th, Tianmushan police station of Jiangyan Branch of Taizhou Public Security Bureau received a report from the public, saying that when they passed by bai’s house, they heard a loud sound in the house, which should be someone is gambling.After receiving the report, the police station immediately organized the police rushed to the scene, caught on the spot is gambling Wang mou, Yan mou, Qiu Mou 3 people, confiscated gambling funds more than 8000 yuan.Subsequently, the police will wang and other 3 gambling participants and provide conditions for gambling bai summoned to the police station for investigation.After investigation, that afternoon, Wang mou, Yan Mou, qiu Mou 3 people in bai mou home with “hair three” form of gambling, illegal actor Bai Mou provides gambling, tea, and draw into 300 yuan.According to Wang and others account, due to idle to nothing, three people will think in the eighth day of the day “bo” a good fortune, to ensure that the New Year’s wealth.This thought in bai mou certainly won’t be found in the home, but to play is hi, the police find the door.February 9, Wang and other 3 people because of gambling, bai mou because of gambling conditions were respectively jiangyan police imposed administrative detention 3 days of punishment.Source: Modern Express