At the entrance of the farmhouse dining room, fiberglass winter melon cartoon doll sculpture makes the environment full of better artistic beauty

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At the gate of organic food and beverage decoration glass fiber reinforced plastic wax gourd cartoon dolls environment better full of artistic beauty to glass fiber reinforced plastic simulation wax gourd sculpture Wax gourd action figure sculpture FRP FRP sculpture balsam pear pepino sculpture FRP sculpture cucumber Glass fiber reinforced plastic pumpkin carving FRP watermelon FRP cantaloupe sculpture sculpture Glass fiber reinforced plastic cucumber sculpture lighting city,Dress up art life “as the theme, through the multi-layer light staining, wen wen gen art lighting and the vegetation on one side of the trail, the sculpture, the structure of clever union, to create a good night space environment for residents, further enhance the wanzhou city light taste, to build new urban public space, receive a visitor to shape new city night view card.Landscape sculpture also has the possibility of becoming a symbol of the city.Landscape sculpture is one of the important contents of urban planning, and its location must be determined from the overall urban planning and detailed planning documents.Urban landscape sculpture should pay attention to explore those themes that can express the characteristics of the city, whether they can become the symbol of the city, or become the characteristic landscape of the city