Can YOU make tea with Roses? Can you make tea with roses

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Chrysanthemums and roses can be drunk together.2. Chrysanthemum has the function of clearing liver heat and brightening eyes, while rose has the function of relieving liver depression and beautifying beauty. The combination of the two can play the role of clearing liver fire, relieving liver qi, brightening eyes, beautifying beauty and so on.The two drugs a warm cool, the two compatibility complement each other, their side effects neutralize resolve, thus enhancing the efficacy of drugs.Basically use at liver depression qi stagnation and the person that has tendency of change fire, for instance the spleen deficiency stomach of liver depression qi stagnation is weak indigestion, diarrhoea, mood is depressed, be agitated, the double eye swelling of inflammation on liver fire is painful, giddy, in the mouth sends bitter wait for a symptom.Constipation, body deficiency, and excessive menstrual volume is not recommended to drink.