Contemporary Choice: Life or money?

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“You never know the accident and tomorrow will come first, cherish the present.” I believe that many friends have seen this word, but when the reality happens, will understand this truth.In 2020, COVID-19 swept the world, and The whole city of Wuhan was closed down in China. Even today, the epidemic is still raging. Millions of people have died of COVID-19.Last year, tens of thousands of people in Henan province were trapped in water waiting for rescue, while in Shanxi, heavy rain poured water equivalent to hundreds of West Lakes into a swamp.On May 22, 2021, our Yuan Lao left us forever. A man who touched a luxury car was cursed and searched hot, and a great man who ate enough for the people also left me.For the future, for tomorrow, while we are yearning for beauty, we should also prevent unknown dangers, whether natural disasters or diseases, there should be corresponding countermeasures when dealing with them. If you still don’t know how to avoid them, then you must read on!Life without insurance is like running naked. In the face of environmental disasters, changeable epidemics and dangerous international order, we should give ourselves a choice to be carefree.Today we launched the insurance training course, you may not need professional services, but must need the basic understanding, avoid the pit, for your parents and children on a safe insurance!If you are an insurer, then this must be the ultimate way to learn the secrets of insurance sales, becoming a sales expert is not a dream!Course name: 1, insurance law to help the actual combat of the exhibition industry all solution 2, scenario drill lesson: run, the insurer!3, how to successfully market life?4, are customs clearance secret book 5, serious illness insurance medical quick treasure dian 6, college planning, boost education foundation insurance sales in July and pick up WeChat group management, efficient 8 to maintain customer relationship, everyone can learn five channels for the guest that you will learn: “on the basis of insurance law, comprehensive, systematic contents involved in the acquisition of insurance law, complete insurance law study at once.Based on real cases published by the court or internal cases of insurance companies, combined with legal provisions, deepen the secondary understanding.Combined with real sales scenes, review knowledge points, hand in hand to teach you how to apply exhibition industry.”The course is open to all insurance practitioners, from the three lectures, demand mining, customer tracking and other links, to find out the biggest confusion in every sales link of insurers and solve them.Take the initiative of interactive, immersive and other courses, to teach the insurer sales process and key points, share TOT unique sales skills.Help the insurer solve real puzzles and concerns through constant interaction with the two mentors.The course scenes and interactions are segmented so that students can listen to what they want to hear more specifically.Of China’s 89 life insurance companies, 75 are “life insurance” companies, while the other 14 are 7 health insurance companies and 7 pension insurance companies.Seventy-five life insurers, the biggest sellers of insurance, not life, but annuities and health.The main product of life insurance company is not life insurance, which is not only the historical feature of Chinese life insurance market, but also the future opportunity.By comparing and analyzing the data of the global life insurance market, I believe that in the next two decades, China’s life insurance, like endowment insurance and health insurance, will usher in great development.Given the historical background and future prospects of this industry, the critical disease insurance market has been relatively saturated. Where will our future business growth point be?How should we recognize whole life insurance?Is spring in the whole life and wealth inheritance business?How to expand their professional knowledge circle and ability circle?How to help wealthy and high net worth clients understand, choose and deploy whole life insurance?How to become a top life insurance consultant by successfully marketing whole life insurance?If you want to serve the affluent and high net worth segment, you must not miss this course!In the global learning seminar with senior actuaries, we will obtain systematic action guide and complete knowledge map focusing on “action”, to reserve professional and systematic theoretical knowledge for exploring the growing blue ocean market, and to lay a solid and useful theoretical foundation for successful business practice!”As a good salesperson, health insurance must play a crucial role in your career.But do you also have the following questions: 1. How can you quickly get the most difficult medical insurance from the many kinds of insurance?2. What are the acceleration channels for access to medical insurance?3. How can you start your insurance business?This course is the first training program for medical insurance in China.From individual to regiment, from theory to practice, we teach everything without reservation.””Do you have the same question about the critical illness industry: 1. The client said that the diseases in the critical illness insurance are too heavy to pay the claim?2. People at high risk should buy serious illness insurance as early as possible. What kind of people are at high risk?3. The customer asks if leukemia can be compensated?Why didn’t I find leukemia in the terms?4. Now the heart stent does not open the chest, serious disease insurance can not compensate?Don’t be afraid!Follow the insurance crossover expert Huang Xin to help you easily solve various problems in the exhibition industry.”Hand in hand with a real academic planning perspective to educational aid sales.The course presents a large number of data, methods, tools and professional terms, respectively in the following aspects: 1.Build relationships 2. Gain trust 3. Wake up a need 4.Provide solutions to help practitioners do a good job and ultimately get commitment from prospective customers!””Everyone is using wechat, the vast majority of partners built a customer wechat group but do not know what to send?How do you effectively build relationships with your customers?Don’t let established wechat groups become dead groups.This course will help you: 1. Regular creation and output of quality content 2. Community operation method that everyone can master 3.Keep the community active and keep gaining customers.The road to the guest, become every insurer’s lifelong reclamation road, but the road will always encounter bumpy: 1.It is difficult to develop new channels due to lack of ideas. 2. Old channels are difficult to maintain and open.4. How can I change my circle of friends?These perplexing problems of new and old underwriters urgently need to be solved by a method that can be landed, used and copied easily.In the course, we will help you sort out the channels of acquiring customers, give a full set of methodology, teach you the process of customer development from the heart, and give methods.How to establish channels?How to attract customers to join?How to direct customer attention?How to complete the flow conversion and how to facilitate the transaction action?The whole approach is accessible to everyone.It has nothing to do with experience, personal background, sales ability, etc., as long as we follow the course methods, we can improve the customer conversion rate and achieve MDRT in one year!””Designed for the insurance salesman, for insurance practitioners to do video number pain points, difficulties and premium transaction path to provide solutions, 0 basis can also quickly start!One, 15 minutes quick clip two, four big operation secrets three, 1 mobile phone how to make a big four, three popular topic selection logic five, seven major topic selection path source six, five cold start skills seven, 1 million + premium transaction path”