In middle age, happiness is the courage to face a crisis

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1. I conclude from the identity of a sister approaching 40, I think happiness is the courage to face a crisis.There are many standards of worldly happiness, which may be more than I can count with my fingers. They have a certain material basis. To put it bluntly, they need money, a healthy body, a harmonious family, healthy parents, well-adjusted children, three or five close friends and some hobbies of their own.All this looks very ordinary, but it is so flat light happiness is not everyone can have.I have a friend who used to have a very peaceful and happy life, with a capable husband, a wonderful son, and healthy parents who lived a bowl of soup away from her.She had worked for years at a company where her boss depended on her and her colleagues liked her.Her husband was the breadwinner and her biggest wish was to nurture her son and bring him up to be a talent.But suddenly one day her husband told him his business failed and owed a lot of money.In the days that followed, the calm rhythm of my friend’s life was disrupted.In order to earn money to pay debts, the husband went to work in other places.They also had to sell their house.Faced with such a sudden blow, my friend did not be knocked down by difficulties. After experiencing a short period of low backwardness, she resolutely quit her previous stable job.Running around in the middle of July, finding a job that is more stressful, more challenging, further away from home but pays better.Because she can no longer rely on her husband, have to rely on their own to support themselves and their son.She said that if it hadn’t been for the change, she would have worked until retirement at her employer, which was closer to home and less stressful…The friend said that her biggest wish now is that one day her husband can not go on a business trip, and the family will happily get together.Her words make me sad, as an ordinary person, so flat light happiness, but also not so easy to get.I admire my friend’s courage in standing up quickly in the face of adversity.There is no way to guarantee a smooth life. There are always many unexpected hardships in life, and those who are not knocked down by difficulties will eventually usher in their own happiness.My friend was able to find a job that paid twice as much as before in a short period of time, thanks to her dedication and self-discipline in her previous work and high requirements on herself.That’s what gave her the ability to deal with her life crisis when it came.Therefore, the wealth of life is easy to disperse, but the ability and ability to face the crisis is the real wealth.The possession of such wealth is a force of happiness.She closed her shop when her husband died suddenly.The second example is two women neighbors on the same street in our market. Two women neighbors met the same thing: their husbands died suddenly.The first elder sister is near my shop. Several years ago, her husband always had a headache before the Spring Festival. He didn’t go to the hospital, so he bought some medicine every time he had an attack.During the Spring Festival, I went to bed late one day. Suddenly I had a headache and fell into a coma. After being sent to the hospital, I couldn’t be rescued.And he left without a word.Since her husband was in charge of the business, she could not continue to run the store, so she hurriedly transferred the store after the Spring Festival.Two years later, the house left by her husband was going to be sold. I had a house in the same community as theirs and it was also sold, so they came to ask me about the situation of selling the house.Her daughter graduated from junior college and works in a property company.She was very independent, and she kept asking me questions all the time. Her mother just sat quietly and I heard her call, saying that the sewer was blocked and she was asking a friend to help deal with it.It can be seen that in this crisis of losing the breadwinner of the family, the daughter grows up quickly and becomes the new breadwinner of the family, while the wife’s ability degrades and becomes the child seeking protection behind the daughter.I can’t help worrying about her situation.What will she do when her daughter gets married?People who face a crisis without the courage to resolve will not grow.Become more timid in the attack.Then all this suffering has been in vain.Her husband died, she continued to open a shop.The third woman I want to talk about is also from our market. Since their goods are also needed by our customers, our two companies have contacts.But it’s always my husband talking to his husband.One day we need goods, but the boss’s wife answered the phone.She said her husband had suffered a brain haemorrhage and was still in icu, and asked if we had any outstanding bills.My husband listened and took the initiative to settle the account for them.We were wondering if they would continue to operate in the future.As a result, the owner’s wife has been running the store.Faced with the same crisis, why can some people break through themselves and bravely accept the challenge and others can’t?What’s the difference between these two lives?Those who cannot face the crisis are not necessarily happier than those who have the courage to face it, but have a sense of powerlessness.People who prepare more for a crisis have a more leisurely life.In the past two years since the outbreak of the epidemic, the overall business of our market has been greatly affected.Under the influence of the boss and present two different states, one is not able to operate, business losses, have to send shop transfer, in the operation is also insist, but not make ends meet.Others live by borrowing, robbing Peter to pay Paul.And these, it is in the money is squandered, crisis comes helpless.The other kind of boss is one who has accumulated substantial savings from years of operation, is in a good mood when business is bad, and a short downturn will not affect them much.When faced with the same crisis, those who are prepared are better able to cope.Can face the crisis, the latter test is the foresight to prepare for a rainy day.Nothing in this world stays the same. The constant is change.When life is easy, think more about the crisis, save more money, and more importantly, save more skills.The ability to face crisis is the guarantee of happiness, that’s my point!