Is Lau Hao-chun in nine movies?Studio issued a statement to refute rumors, malicious compilation is not advisable

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If you want to ask the black material most popular flower is who?Inevitably there will be a lot of people answer “Liu Haocun”, the young actress is known as “zhou successor”, but she is not good word of mouth, but such a stigma, black material continuously in the near future, cauldron, Liu Haocun heaven be spread resources have too many films, including “chongqing forest 2020” nightlife “” mother’s gift”, “remember,Young traveller, with her eyes, the family of the alzheimer’s nine films such as “great life”, the news spread, many people be misled no matter what movie did she play first, and the problem is that two years nine films is not realistic at all, even if she 365 days a year to stay in the cast serious take sport and it is hard to out of nine films, and that was a movie, a beat is a few months,The time is not reasonable, this melon false outrageous but since it is a melon, there are always some people will believe, so it inevitably hurt Liu Haocun and his family and friends, suffered abuse at the same time can not stand up to refute, said how wrong, she had to keep silent, but silence also let the rumors have a further development trend,To the studio to issue a statement warning rumor mongers moderation statement has three, one is the net transfer of resources are false statements, the content of those films are malicious compilation ulterior motives, and serious, search the name of the movie you will find some really unusual, or even no pictures no other content, only a few staffs, and Liu Haocun in among them,Apparently someone deliberately for the second is the attitude of the studio, a rare just once, the name of the part lists the rumor mongers, also revealed with news source to clarify and advise to delete, but the other party has yet to take action, in the face of malicious rumor behavior, they don’t stop studio tell relevant user delete infringing content,The lawyer will follow up the relevant content to hold liu Haocun accountable. Third, liu Haocun’s attitude. She was not able to speak out at this time, so the studio said on her behalf:Later with humility and gratitude to thank the general audience and Internet users’ concerns and support, at the same time, it was firmly committed to love acting career and study, keep the performing career of beginner’s mind, the interpretation more outstanding role, for the film and television viewers more positive energy work studio in the comments section later speak again please don’t eat the melon, do not believe the melon, everything is given priority to with formal official propaganda work,Blessing is the hit film and also wish statement china-africa subjective intention mentioned film no success for this statement reflects the pattern, by disinformation to discredit by human flesh is very bad, but still want to be spread to film can get good grades, Liu Haocun studio is to understand the ways of the world, studio, although only forty thousand fans,But will not be so to ridicule or venting of opportunity, but sincerely wish each other, can achieve this point is not easy, in fact, for example, liu hao interest should not be red, since she started to contact the big movies into the entertainment industry, harvest quite abundant, two representative works are bright, at the scene of the activities is also very modest, it is a good young actor,But some things are said don’t understand that nagging, lead to mention her name now someone will resist can only say that she later road is not so easy, must be to be full of thorns, just see if she can survive the attack again and again of rumors, hope she can grow up quickly and change the status quo, as for the evaluation of rational criticism and praise can be,However, malicious rumors are not advisable. The Internet is not a place outside the law, and rumors have to pay a price