The Sun Long that falls repeatedly sends 6 sorry!Wu Dajing: out of the problem carry together

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China’s short-track team failed to finish on the podium in the men’s 5,000m relay final at the Beijing Winter Olympics last night after an unexpected fall.Occurrence of the fault of the team sun Long, very remorse after the game.Sun long apologized with six “sorry”, he said: today’s fall was caused by my anxious connection, all my fault, there is no excuse.Ever since I joined the national team, I have always wanted to play for China.But today, because of my mistake, all the efforts were in vain.I’m really sorry for my teammates, my coaching staff and the entire team, all the fans of short track speed skating, my family and friends who have always believed in me and expected so much of me, but most of all I’m sorry for my country.I let you down, I will accept all your criticism, really sorry!”For this mistake, as a team, we gladly accept it,” Wu said after the game.”This is sun Long’s first Olympics and he’s under a lot of pressure.He was upset after the game, shed tears and said he was sorry.But instead of blaming him, we wanted to give him more space and some encouragement.When something goes wrong, the team carries it together.”With the conclusion of the women’s 1,500 meters last night, the short track speed skating competition at the Winter Olympics came to a close.Has been 28 years old Wu Dajing will continue to fight in the arena?”I thought about retiring after the Beijing Olympics, but when I really stood on the field, I found that I couldn’t bear to say goodbye and leave the sport I love so much. I will continue to stand on the ice as long as the country needs me and my health allows me,” he said.Never give in.”In Wu dajing’s view, the team spirit of The Chinese short track team is a kind of inheritance.When the young players of the post-2000 generation start to emerge, Wu dajing is more pleased and look forward to, “I hope they will grow up quickly, we continue to fight together.”The field is changing fast win or lose is a soldier’s common struggle worthy of heart sum up the experience and lessons continue to work hard, the future is possible!Source: China Youth Daily, Youth Shandong, China News Network and other responsible editor: Huang Yijue lighting up “Watching”