Bluntly refused to marry a Chinese, two marriages abroad were jilted, and had the face to bring his son back to get gold

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Outspoken refused to marry Chinese, both foreign marriage was dumped, unexpectedly also face bring son home rich, in China there are a lot of female star, when they get married all choose to marry a foreigner, or a curse arouses most people’s grievances, including Lin elder sister, married a Japanese man, let everyone very disappointed, but tzu chi ling elder sister so big age, really found his beloved man,We should also be blessed, and now also gave birth to the child, but was a man named qinqin li actress, said she would not marry Chinese men, because Chinese men don’t romantic, eventually qinqin li went abroad, the first stop in Japan, married a Japanese man, gave birth to a son, how long can’t divorced, after she went to the United States, and married an American man,But the marriage is not always continue, eventually ended in divorce, so when I do she went to France, Switzerland, and so on, turn a circle in Europe, for a walk with his son to return Japan eventually, announced back in show business, in spite of 50 years old, also want to continue to be an actress, but it got a lot of net friend’s abuse, said she such a star,And the face back to China for gold, has always been against her, so she now after returning home, also there is no market, find she is also a special little take sport, has come to the point where no takers, it is the home have a lot of female star to marry a foreign man, they were living in a foreign country for a long time, even some bold, change the foreign nationality, they also have think it over,He decided to abandon his own domestic market and ruin his career.