New Year of the Tiger

2022-04-26 0 By

The Spring Festival holiday of the Year of the Tiger has just passed, and all parts of the country have been engaged in intense production, construction and work. A series of groundbreaking ceremonies for major projects show the picture of hot grasping the opening.To start means to start.A place of a year or a period of development can be a good step, to the potential of a huge impact.The National Development and Reform Commission recently proposed to moderately advance infrastructure investment and strive to generate more physical work in the first quarter.To this end, the year of the Tiger starts “early”.To early planning, the economic operation of the point of difficulty targeted introduction of relevant policies, as far as possible ahead of the market curve;Arrangements should be made as early as possible, so as to expedite the work of allocating funds, reducing or exempting taxes and fees, and launching projects that have been clearly defined, so as to create a favorable environment and unleash the vitality of market entities to the maximum extent possible.Take great things and act accordingly.We need to be ready to “wait, wait, and sit”, and to “plan and move quickly”.”Quick action” not only tests the strength and enterprising spirit of a local government, but also needs to streamline administration, delegate power, and innovate the system. Government departments at all levels should firmly establish a sense of service, and dare to “step on the gas pedal” and actively “set road signs”.In the year of the Tiger, we need to focus on “reality”.To really start work, grasp the implementation.In the past, there have been “false starts”.Slogans were shouted and pits were dug. After a few months, I went to see them, but nothing happened.This is typical formalism. It not only delays our work, but also corrupts the general atmosphere. We must take it as a warning.The “physical workload” is a key index of infrastructure investment in advance.Local governments should strengthen follow-up management, supervision and inspection of investment projects.Those who engage in fraud or make no substantial progress after construction has begun will be investigated and dealt with in a serious manner to ensure tangible results in the construction of projects and that all policies are implemented to the letter.Chinese athletes compete for gold and silver at the Beijing Winter Olympics.For every place, for every person, there is actually a new track, a new track.In the Spring of the Year of the Tiger, come up with a vigorous drive and a vigorous momentum to live up to the spring and The Times.Shanghai, Feb. 10 (Xinhua) — Construction sites in the Lingang new area of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone in Shanghai have been busy since the beginning of the Spring Festival, with all construction activities proceeding smoothly and orderly.Xinhua hair