Redmi K50 Champion edition is officially released

2022-04-26 0 By

On February 16, Redmi officially launched the Redmi K50 e-sports version of the mobile phone, and announced at the press conference that it will officially cooperate with Mercedes AMG Horse Oil F1 team to launch the joint product Redmi K50 champion edition.The Redmi K50 Champion’s body features a number of motorsport features, particularly the unique elements of the Mercedes AMG Magasco F1 team, such as a Magasco themed green waist line in the middle and a carbon fibre texture, and a checkered flag and double track highlighting on the bottom half of the phone.The top right corner of the phone also has the LOGO of Mercedes AMG Petro F1 team, and the breathing lamp beside the camera is also the color of theme green, with a full texture.Configuration aspect Redmi K50 champion edition is based on THE K50 e-sports version of 12GB+256GB version, strong performance, good appearance.Redmi K50 esports version 8GB+128GB version 3299 yuan, 12GB+128GB version 3599 yuan,The 12GB+256GB version costs 3899 yuan;Redmi K50 Champion edition 12GB+256GB version price 4199 yuan, and limited to 10,000 units, like friends do not miss the purchase.