Ukraine firing rockets at Russia?There was also artillery fire in Ukraine, and Russia’s message was clear

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Russian media reported that Russian border areas were hit by rockets fired from Ukraine in the early hours of Sunday.In the afternoon, another rocket was fired into the Rostov oblast.After the rocket was fired into Russia, two other shells landed in a building near the Ukrainian border, but no one was in the building when the shells landed.Russia’s Federal Investigation Committee immediately launched an investigation into the “attack”, but Ukraine responded that these shells were not fired by Ukrainian authorities and that Ukraine did not fire into Russia.Meanwhile, the situation in Ukraine is chaotic.The Donbas region in the east of the region saw nearly 2,000 incidents of shelling and explosions on Sunday.These are violations of a ceasefire agreement between the Ukrainian authorities and the armed forces in eastern Ukraine.On Monday, the number stood at around 1,500.That number has increased since rockets fired from Russian territory into Ukraine.It is not clear who started these events.The Ukrainian authorities have released video showing government troops being shelled by armed groups.In the video, an army checkpoint in a village in the city of Luhansk comes under artillery fire.Ukrainian authorities also said there had been no end to shelling in the east, in which two soldiers were killed and four others seriously wounded.Ukraine’s interior minister was also nearly wounded.It is reported that 19 is the day monastilski inspected Novolluganskye village.As he made his way to the Ukrainian army base in the village, a shell exploded about 100 metres from the inspection team.Monastitilsky immediately ran to a nearby air raid shelter under the cover of the others.American journalists traveling with him recorded the breathtaking scene.Armed forces in eastern Ukraine have been defiant in the face of accusations from the Ukrainian authorities that they are also violating the ceasefire.On The 19th the Ukrainian authorities dropped artillery shells on areas under their control in the Luhansk region.In addition, the Ukrainian authorities fired 18 shells into residential areas in these areas, seriously threatening the lives of ordinary people.Amid such chaos, only four of Ukraine’s 100 richest people remain in the country.On The 14th, though, Ukraine’s president ordered them to go home lest they take most of Ukraine’s money with them.But so far, they have only posted photos of themselves on social media and told the government they would return soon.However, seeing the domestic situation is becoming more and more chaotic, it is assumed that these rich people will not dare to return to China in the short term.In response, armed forces in eastern Ukraine began evacuating women, elderly people and children from areas where fighting is concentrated.So far, about 30,000 people have left these areas.Many Ukrainians have been evacuated to The Russian region of Rostov as the border between Russia and Ukraine remains open amid tensions.The Rostov state government has sent a large number of volunteers and is ready to provide humanitarian aid to the refugees.The border has been patrolled more tightly, but the refugees are still allowed to flee to Russia.Russia says it has no hand in the activities of the armed forces in eastern Ukraine and that the Ukrainian authorities should have talks with them to resolve the situation.What is surprising is that Russia is willing to offer impartial and objective advice at a time when those countries that promised to “protect” Ukraine have been slow to speak up.