Yan Xuejing wears parent-child clothes with her 4-year-old daughter. Three generations of parents and grandchildren are happy together. Her son has married and started a business

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On February 5, Yan xuejing posted a photo of herself playing with her family on social media, which caused a heated discussion among netizens.In this photo, 闫学晶 wearing color shirt dress, loose version design still hide its superior shape curve, while the side’s daughter and mother wearing the same style of parent-child outfit, but the same clothes in young children, appear lively and lovely, two people laugh look similar, curved smiling eyes and mouth as if carved from the same mold.The child’s grandmother also made a rare appearance. She was sitting in a hanging chair in the pavilion, her short curly hair and dark hair color making her very lively. She was sitting casually in front of the camera, while Yan Xuejing was leaning on her mother.In terms of relationships, Yan xuejing has always kept a low profile. It is rumored that she was married to ma Dongming, a wealthy businessman. She even publicly announced their wedding at the wedding of her husband’s best friend.Now Yan xuejing’s eldest son Lin Aofei is married. On June 6 last year, his wedding ceremony was held in Beijing. Pan Changjiang, Li Yugang and other old faces of the entertainment industry were present to celebrate the couple in person, while Yan Xuejing stood beside her son to give his blessing.Yan Xuejing’s daughter is only 4 years old, and she still needs parents to take care of her. Yan Xuejing is also very fond of her daughter. On March 9 last year, she also posted a video of her daughter, in front of the camera, the child sells meng alone, and Yan Xuejing smiles from ear to ear.I wish Yan Xuejing continued happiness and a better future for her.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete