Qingcheng county agricultural schools survey xuanma town high-quality farmers to cultivate the work

2022-04-27 0 By

On March 23, Shi Chunyang, principal of Qingcheng County Agricultural and Provincial School, visited Xuanma Town to conduct a comprehensive research on the cultivation of high-quality farmers in 2022.The research group learned about the training objects, contents, modes, training effects and trainees’ evaluation, training bases, teaching staff, and construction of farmer field schools by means of discussion and exchange, subject research, effect return visit, and soliciting opinions.To understand in detail the development scale, operation and management, prospects and benefits, and difficulties of the leading industry and characteristic industry in our town.At the same time, the cooperative operation and management as the starting point to carry out the “appropriate scale of breeding” (sheep) topic research, research and analysis from the breeding scale, technical force, disease prevention and control, breeding cost, operation and management, capital financing, skills training, difficulties and problems.Through research and exchange, we further understand the actual situation of farmer training in our town and the training needs of the masses and the problems and difficulties they face, laying a good foundation for high-quality farmer cultivation in 2022.(Source: Xuanma Town, Qingcheng County) | Editor: Liu Yani | Director: Liu Xingcun | Supervisor: Liu Yang | Chief Supervisor: Tu Wenkui