The municipal Public resources Trading Center won two national honors

2022-04-27 0 By

(Reporter Tang Yunjian, correspondent Zheng Guangren) Recently, the results of 2021 National Public Resource Trading awards were announced, and the Public Resource Trading Center of Our city won two important awards: “2021 National Public Resource Trading Top Ten Demonstration Projects” and “2021 National Advanced Unit of Innovation and Excellence Service (municipal level)”.In 2021, the Municipal Public Resource Trading Center focused on innovating the working mechanism and furthering the integration of public resource trading platform. The number of trading projects in the whole year was 993, with a total transaction amount of 17.7683 billion yuan, value-added value of 100.8 million yuan and saving value of 269.03 million yuan.The center took the lead in creating a new model of remote bid evaluation “on the cloud” in Guangxi, realizing the normalization of trans-regional and trans-hierarchical remote bid evaluation, and sharing experience in the on-site remote bid evaluation of construction projects in Guangxi.Pilot the promotion of electronic letter of guarantee, issued 9 electronic letter of guarantee, the insurance amount of 600,000 yuan, Qinzhou became the first batch of cities in Guangxi issued electronic letter of guarantee;It is the first to deploy the “master control platform of intelligent equipment” in Guangxi to make transaction management more convenient, intelligent, and provide better quality and efficient services.In Guangxi’s first service guide “code” to know the service, bidding activities can be 100% online services, to achieve enterprises and the masses “do not run errands”;Independently develop a trading data visualization platform, and display the trading data of public resources in the form of charts on the LED screen of the trading center, further improving the transparency of trading activities and facilitating sunshine trading.