The national anthem should be abolished before games in the Men’s professional football League of China next year

2022-04-27 0 By

We most fans know that we all kinds of professional league there will be national anthem before the ceremony, I think for the team at all levels league before the national anthem can not arouse their patriotic enthusiasm, but the women’s girl passion sonorous singing the national anthem before the match we can strive hard win honor for our country, so I think the men’s national anthem before the ceremony should be put on hold!Secondly all divisions in a season in the face of the premiership teams must be lined up to meet, in the past for a long time we don’t have the habit, it is felt lined up to at the end of the day for have no face to meet other people, so the football association is not mandatory, but I think from the start of the season mandatory lined up to meet champion, you don’t get the champions should meet,No more cheap face of the past!Third divisions must further wage cuts, the domestic players CSL paid shall not be more than $1 million after tax, one must not exceed 800000, b shall not exceed 500000, but there are special provisions and country in the World Cup, for example, the Olympics, and world youth championship teams at all levels Asian cup championship 5 million top salary after tax can be signed.