What are the main indicators to measure power quality

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The main indexes to measure the power quality are voltage, frequency and harmonic components: 1. Voltage is the specific performance of the balance between supply and demand of reactive power in the power system. Too high or too low voltage can cause damage to electrical equipment, and reduce the quality of products and production efficiency.With the development of power grid, voltage is not only a power supply quality problem, but also related to the safety and economic operation of power grid.2. Frequency reflects the basic state of balance between supply and demand of active power in power system.Too much deviation from the rated operating frequency of the power system will bring bad influence to the power supply and equipment.3. The harmonic component distorts the sinusoidal waveform of the power system, reduces the power quality, produces additional losses to the power equipment, and damages the power equipment.For more exciting content, come to Havens Electric