Wuxi, Jiangsu Province: Warm!Don’t be afraid, the police will take you home

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“Thank you so much, without your help, my family would not know what to do!”.On February 8, when the fangqiao police station will be over 80 years old uncle Jiang sent to the hands of his family, the family of the police warm-hearted rescue expressed heartfelt thanks.At about 9 am, fangqiao police station received a report from the public that an elderly man who had lost his way had fallen down and could not go home.Police immediately arrived to help, through multiple channels to confirm its identity, it was sent home safely, and asked the family to take care of.”Police comrade, the old man in my home was lost, beg you to help search ~” “110, here found a lost passerby, need to help search address and family members ~”……Nowadays, there are more and more accidents of the elderly lost, which not only worries the family, but also affects the attention of all social parties.According to statistics, since this year, yixing police have received reports of the elderly lost 31 cases and timely rescue, to help the elderly find their way home and sent to their families.”Police comrade, my mother-in-law afternoon 4 o ‘clock many walk lost, still did not find now, trouble you help seek!”At 19:43 on The evening of January 30, Ding Shu police station received the masses to call the police for help, the old man’s family members were very anxious.After inquiring, I learned that the old man was lost at the gate of a machinery factory in Chuanbu that afternoon. The weather was cold, and the old man was old and frail. If he could not be found for a long time, I was afraid that he could not bear the cold and had an accident.After receiving the police, Ding Shu police workstation immediately through the construction of the wisdom of the police system to carry out comparison and search, and organize the strength of the tieqi force in conjunction with the police patrol in the road patrol “carpet” search.The old man lost time has been more than two hours, the route is uncertain, bring no small trouble to the search work, but the police meticulous, after nearly an hour of “tracking”, finally found the lost old woman near the square well Zisha city, the old man dragging his thin body to walk in the cold wind, it is distressed.At about 21 o ‘clock that night, the family members got the news that the old man went home smoothly, and expressed their gratitude to the efficient work of the police.At 22:30 on February 3, a citizen came to the Zhangzhu police station to call the police for help, saying that the 74-year-old mother had accidentally gone missing.It is the Spring Festival family reunion, the elderly inadvertently lost, the family’s mood can be imagined.The police station began to search for the first time, and finally found the old man in the vicinity of Yiguang Highway, the old man safely home.To see the old man safe and sound, family members excited, repeatedly expressed gratitude to the police.At about 11 o ‘clock on February 1, the Xinzhuang police station called the police for help and rescued a 79-year-old man at a bus stop in the district. Fortunately, the man was carrying a cue card. According to the information of the cue card, the police quickly found his home address in Wuxi and finally the old man’s family was reunited.The police warned that elderly people are vulnerable to getting lost because of their advanced age and poor memory.After getting lost, the elderly are often difficult to communicate and communicate because of cognitive deterioration. They are easy to get lost in a strange environment, and their mobility is inconvenient. Once they get lost, they will be in great danger.Police remind: once the elderly lost situation, in the full search at the same time, to timely inform the elderly physical characteristics, clothing, medical history and other information to provide reference for the smooth search.At the same time, the home of the elderly, to strengthen the care and care, can be made for the elderly note name, address, children’s contact card to carry, or for the elderly to wear anti-lost positioning equipment, to ensure that once lost can be the first time to find home.Source: Ping an Yixing