Yangquan city drug treatment center to carry out tuberculosis prevention and treatment publicity activities

2022-04-27 0 By

On the occasion of the 27th World Tuberculosis Prevention and Control Day, Yangquan Drug treatment Center closely centered on this year’s publicity theme of “Life comes first, all people take action to share health and end TUBERCULOSIS”, and carried out publicity of tuberculosis prevention and control knowledge among drug addicts, so that drug addicts have a further understanding of tuberculosis prevention and control knowledge.According to the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control work, medical staff of Yangquan Drug Treatment Center strictly implemented prevention and control measures such as spacing “one meter line” and wearing masks during publicity activities.By paramedics explanation, broadcast commercials, a variety of forms such as live q&a session, to detailed explained the main symptoms of TB addicts, route of transmission, susceptible population, the country free medical care policy and relevant knowledge of prevention and cure, and warned addicts get frequent hand washing, more ventilation, insist to take exercise treatment of the good life habit,The medical staff on duty should be informed as soon as possible when the symptoms of physical discomfort occur. Through the joint efforts of police and drug addicts, the epidemic of tuberculosis should be ended hand in hand to create a better and healthy environment for abstinence and treatment.Through this publicity activity, the drug addicts have effectively improved their awareness of tuberculosis and the awareness of prevention and treatment, laying a foundation for the tuberculosis prevention and treatment work of our institute.In the next step, Yangquan Drug Treatment Center will continue to take protecting the health of drug addicts as an important standard of medical and health work in the site, and write a new chapter of sustainable safety and stability in the site with due diligence.