China women’s football team again against Japan, east Asia Cup semi-final, can they beat the Japanese women’s football team?

2022-04-28 0 By

As is known to all, women’s Asian cup is currently in India in full swing, the Chinese women’s team in the first few games played very well, the first group is 4-0 sweep of the Chinese Taipei, the second is the 7-0 victory over Iran, and third game in the group stage, because the infected hosts more than Indian women’s player new crown, causes the team didn’t play,Therefore, The Chinese women’s football team won without a fight and reached the quarterfinals as the group leader.And in the quarter finals, facing the Vietnam women’s, the Chinese women’s team 1-0 down once, but as the king of frost, vian, Tang Jiali successively, the Chinese women’s team final 3-1 reversal Vietnam semifinals, this is the Chinese women’s team of 15 consecutive into the Asian cup semi-finals, into four, also means that the Chinese women’s team has obtained the qualification for the 2023 World Cup.China’s semi-final opponents will be the mighty Japanese team.It is worth mentioning that the Chinese national football team suffered a brutal 2-0 defeat by The Japanese men’s football team in the World Cup Asian 12 round match a few days ago, and completely lost the hope of qualifying for the group stage.Therefore, many fans hope that the Chinese women’s football team can beat the Japanese women’s football team in the semifinal to avenge the national team.However, for The Chinese women’s football team, the challenge has just begun, the previous Chinese Taipei, Iran, Vietnam three teams, strength is very weak, The Chinese women’s football team beat them completely is expected.The semi-final opponents of Japan are very strong, they have won two consecutive Asian Cup titles.Before the start of this year’s Asian Cup, Japan’s captain Masashi Kumagaya had promised to win a third straight Asian Cup.The head coach of The Japanese women’s football team also said in an interview that she will try to win the Asian Cup.For The Chinese women’s football team, the Japanese women’s football team is really a tough nut to crack.At the 2019 East Asian Cup, Jia Xiuquan coached China to a 3-0 defeat by Japan in the group stage.Now, Jia Xiuquan has been dismissed, replaced by Shui Qingxia.In the face of the Japanese women’s soccer team this tough opponent, Shui Qingxia also gave their own views.Ms Shui said:”The next game against Japan, also is the battle of life and death, the key lies in the adjustment of the mentality, also hope that the players really go to spell, because Japan has its own characteristics, China also has its own characteristics, how to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, as well as possible, hope that the players up to play, together, with due level, which is all of us want to see.”At present, the biggest problem of Chinese women’s football team appears in the defensive line. There are wang Shanshan, Wang Shuang, Tang Jiali and Zhang Xin in the front field. The problem is not big.Therefore, the next match against The Japanese women’s football team, The Chinese women’s football team should first of all do a good job of defense, only do a good job of defense will have a chance to defeat the Japanese women’s football team.China women’s football and Japan women’s football semifinal will be in February 3, hope the women’s football girls can reverse attack Japan, revenge for the national football team.