Tianjin Economic development Zone signed a contract with Tianjin Asset Industry Association!Push seaside Fund town to get hot

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Tianjin economic and technological development zone and tianjin industry association recently formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement the two sides will play their respective resource advantages to build coastal town in funds will further expand the influence of the seaside town in funds in the investment community rich coastal town in fund industry leader talent circle of friends according to the strategic cooperation agreement, both sides will be preparing the first coastal town in fund investment BBS;Establish fund asset management industry (talent) alliance;Construction of small town fund talent base, and cooperation with universities to retain financial talent resources;Cooperate to carry out special research, and put forward research reports and policy proposals aiming at the pain points and difficulties of the industry;Strengthen investor protection and strive to build a national investor education base;Do a good job in the service guarantee of fund managers and products in small towns, and establish a fast and convenient channel for association filing;We will improve the free trade cross-border investment and financing service mechanism and build a platform hub for cross-border capital flow.We should do a good job in the docking of industry and finance, serve industries and entities, and return capital and industry to Binhai and Teda.Tianjin Asset Industry Association tianjin Asset Industry Association, founded in 2019, is a self-regulatory organization in the securities investment fund industry under the guidance of Tianjin Securities Regulatory Bureau. Currently, the Association has 155 member units, covering public funds, private equity funds, private securities investment funds and fund service institutions.Tianjin industry association since its establishment, committed to the environment construction of the industry, to promote equity investment to develop self-discipline rules, industry standards and business practices, industry organizations, the industry development direction, promote the innovation of industry, actively adapt to the new development environment, promote strategic position in the development of fund industry in tianjin.Binhai Fund Town Located in Tianjin Economic and Development Zone, Binhai Fund Town was officially inaugurated in May 2021 and is the core carrier for the construction of financial innovation and operation demonstration zone in Binhai New Area.Up to now, fund Town has introduced 51 fund managers and products, including fund projects set up by state-owned enterprises and well-known investment institutions such as CAS Capital, CITIC Capital and IDG.Has to undertake the binhai new area finance bureau, the shenzhen stock exchange, citic construction activities in the marketization of government departments and institutions such as the host, involved in investment and financing and docking, public training, legal practice, tax practice of various business sectors, receives thousands of visitors, through policy, such as function, industry, service innovation, effectively enhance the industry influence by the open area.Binhai Fund Town adheres to the characteristics of industrial finance development, effectively introduces and serves the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain of regional real economy, and strives to build a demonstration highland of national financial innovation operation.Source: Finance Bureau