Video: Squirrel Tasting: Blind test 4 different flavors of glutinous rice balls, see which one is the more challenging “acting”?

2022-04-28 0 By

The Lantern Festival is coming, and there are many new flavors in the market this year.In the test, Beijing News reporters picked four popular flavors at carrefour, Yonghui and other supermarkets, including Daqiao Road’s durian and cherry dumplings, Hema’s Wuren Yuanxiao and Cylinder Yagou’s sweet wasabi dumplings.Set up blind test rules to see which flavors challenge the reporter’s acting skills the most.Beijing News reporter Liu Huan, Zhang Jie, Wang Si Yang yu, GUI GUI, Zhang Mingxuan, Editor Zhu Fenglan, proofreader Guo Li