You Xi: Talent return contributes to rural revitalization

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Kumquat growers in Linyuan Village, Guanqian Town, Youxi County, enjoyed the Spring Festival this year.”Happy you got a good price for kumquat.””The new village secretary not only brought buyers, but also negotiated a good price for us,” laughed farmer Zhang Chunbing. “It’s so sweet!”The new party secretary, Luo Shimao, 46, is a native of Linyuan.In last November’s “two committees” of the village, luo Shimao, who originally did snack business in Guangdong, gave up the opportunity to be a boss outside the village under the positive recommendation of the villagers, returned to the village as the party branch secretary, leading the villagers to common development.”I got rich first thanks to the Party’s preferential policies. Now my hometown is in need and the villagers recognize me, so I can’t disappoint their trust.”Luo Shimao said, “In addition to the kumquat industry, I also work with the leaders of Bao Village to make the next development plan, so that the village has real changes, for the villagers to seek real welfare.”Luo Shimao (first from left) introduced the rural revitalization of Youxi Kumquat for purchasers. Talent is the key.Since 2021, youxi County, in combination with the reelection of the “two party committees” of the village, has made great efforts to implement the “talent return project”. Through the three measures of building a bank account, building a platform and providing excellent services, a group of outstanding talents from abroad have been encouraged to return to the village to serve as a new force for rural revitalization.Up to now, the county back to the village trunk “a shoulder pick” outside talent 20 people;Back to serve as rural revitalization instructor 13;69 other cadres of the “two committees” were elected.Luo Changshan, the rural revitalization instructor of Wenfeng Base Point Party Committee of West Town, resolutely returned to Wenfeng Village of West town of Youxi County as the rural revitalization instructor after seeing a letter of “welcome outstanding villagers to return to work”.Wenfeng Base consists of five villages including Wenfeng Village, Xinkeng Village and Xiucun Village, with profound cultural heritage, rich and diversified industries and beautiful ecological environment.There are characteristic industrial resources such as the famous fourth group of traditional ancient villages in Xinkeng, wenfeng salted duck known as “top quality poultry meat”, ten thousand mu moso bamboo Demonstration Science and Technology Park, and China’s first prickly frog breeding base. However, due to the high mountains and long roads, the development power of ecological and industrial advantages is insufficient, and it is difficult to produce linkage effect.After Wenfeng duck returned to his hometown, he took the initiative to report to the town Party Committee and developed a “cross-village joint construction” work plan for five villages in Wenfeng base point. In January 2022, wenfeng base point joint village Party Committee was established.Luo changshan and liancun cadres went door to door to collect public opinion and discuss basic point development plan.Proposed “quad” drive the construction of the people of the “four” working train of thought, from the “organization, industry, foundation, and service”, urging organization linkage, the industrial chain, the basic factory, joint service for plotting generated mountain food processing plants, longfeng rock moso bamboo forest of ten thousand mu ecological health garden, three mountain photography base, north and south hay ecological farms, etc. Series of projects.He also took the lead in formulating the joint meeting system of the five villages in Wenfeng base point and the Party branch in Xiamen.Through “Tencent Conference”, relevant experts from the Ministry of Agriculture were invited to explain rural revitalization policies for liancun cadres and the masses.Wenfeng Moso recently, Luo Changshan is discussing with the Liancun Party Committee to prepare for the establishment of Wenfeng base point Liancun Joint-stock Co., LTD., to better activate collective assets and resources, and promote the development of agriculture, forestry and cultural tourism industry.”Lao Luo is knowledgeable, connected, capable and experienced. We feel secure working with him!”Wenfeng village villager Zhang Yixiang said.Industry has development, life has hope, day has hope!In this batch of feelings to the countryside, the construction of the hometown has a passion for the village sants under the leadership of common prosperity, is the heart of the rural masses most look forward to the “blessing”!