Zhao Xiaoming: psychological “master” says never make a decision at night, should you believe it?

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We may never know, what is the ultimate meaning of life, so each of us, have to try all kinds of possible, to live!Find your comfort zone.Recently, I have been asked a lot of confusing psychological questions on the Internet. One of the students asked me, there is a saying on the Internet that psychology should never make decisions at night. Is that true?If you look carefully at general college psychology textbooks, you will find that psychology will never tell you a very straightforward conclusion.Any conclusion in psychology only tells you what conclusion can be made under certain conditions.Whenever you come across content titles that do not speak of conditions and draw conclusions directly, you can try to use deductive logic to make an inference.For example, if nighttime is not a good time to make decisions, is daytime a good time to make decisions?In fact, during the war, military commanders are burning the midnight oil.In particular, our army is good at night fighting, so military commanders always think and analyze military situation at night by looking at maps. How could it be that night is not suitable for decision-making?At the end of the day, there is no time of day or night when the wrong person can make a good decision.Catch two points and observe my time in college.A psychology teacher told me that if we want to understand people, we should take two points, one is behavioral habits, and the other is cognitive patterns.Get those two things straight, and you’ll know who you are.Celebrity biographies show how various elite human beings have behaved over the course of their lives.When Chairman MAO came across something important, he would stay up all night thinking about writing, and he needed cigarettes.Lin Biao must eat soybeans when making decisions.Some people have to pace back and forth when they make decisions. They have to pace to think.Some people are good at thinking when they are speaking. When he is not thinking clearly, he will find several people to discuss with him, and his ideas suddenly begin to emerge.Some people think better the colder they get.The other, on the other hand, soaked his feet in hot water so that he could feel his blood flowing, and then he could think.Some people like to go to the fields and talk to a common man, a civilian, a farmer, and get his inspiration.Some people listen to music when they think. After listening to music for a while, they make associations.When some people think to shield around all the information, first make a pipe dream, in dream he is going to think about the content of the design, to imagine, and daydreaming will slowly out of his control, the dream will come true, slowly this time will be able to think clearly some possible, all kinds of sudden unexpected circumstances.Others have to do simple tasks, such as knitting sweaters and weaving baskets, while thinking.New Concept English says that there is a man who is on a boat and nobody can find him.Fishing when there’s nothing to do on the boat.Then suddenly he was quiet, able to think, able to make decisions.If you make a summary, you will find that everyone has different subjective and objective conditions when making decisions, and everyone has different brain habits. Therefore, everyone can find the most suitable time, place and specific conditions for making decisions.Some people sit in a car and start thinking when they look at the scenery flying by.Because the vision Narrows his perception and attention, it actually has a light hypnotic effect.In this situation, he is able to concentrate and think clearly.Some people are just the opposite, Every time After Lin Biao thinks war feeling a few days, the brain is unusually excited, he is quiet can’t fall asleep.He had to be jolted back and forth by the driver before he fell asleep.Some people use certain drugs, not particularly strong drugs, to think, such as tea, coffee, and smoking.Others want to eat with something in their mouth, whether it’s eating melon seeds or eating something, but keeping part of their attention distracted can create a narrowing of cognitive attention that helps them make decisions.Because making a decision is not about thinking more, it is about screening out invalid information, and then grasping the main contradiction, so that a good decision can be made.Some people need to be absolutely quiet, block out all external information, and concentrate in order to think clearly.Some people prefer to be in a noisy place, which naturally blocks out some of the invalid information and helps the brain focus on the key contradiction.Some practitioners think by chanting sutras. Because they chant sutras for a long time, their brain does not need much attention. Instead, their attention suddenly becomes focused and they can grasp the main contradiction of the problem.Find behavioral Habits and Cognitive Patterns Some people rely on emotional material, watching a bubble play or listening to emotional music when they are thinking.In this case, you can suddenly think of a certain kind of thinking that requires mathematical calculation in science and engineering.When someone is thinking, he needs something in his hand, such as a fan, to help him think, without which he cannot think.Some people walk to think, some people climb mountains to help him think, some people jog to help him think, some people want to see a plant, smell the flowers, attention can focus, began to think.Some people have to look far and high before they can have far-sighted ideas.Some people are strongly hinted and influenced by their environment. We call these people field-dependent people.Some people are field independents.The field-independent person is not affected by the external environment, and he can quickly put himself into the state of thinking and decision-making in any environment, but the field-dependent person is very critical of the environment.Elite leaders, the great people in the world, actually every one of them has developed a set of habits of making decisions, making decisions and thinking, which is called behavioral habitual cognitive model.Piaget said that a person’s mental schema is sometimes altered by language.By changing the way you speak, you change a habitual schema.So sometimes if a person has no idea in his habitual thinking, you have to learn to try using someone else’s language, which may generate new thinking.Some people do not change by words, they change by actions, they change by behavior, they change by body movement, they will also have a different way of thinking.For example, when you are used to a certain body movement for a long time, and then imitate others’ body movement or a certain behavior of others, you will have a new Angle of thinking.Psychology has this kind of saying, some change mood, change cognition;Some change behavior, some change cognition;Some change body movement, change cognition;Still have some change language pattern, language habit, change cognition.At this point, are you going to believe the fake psychology of “Don’t make decisions at night” written on the Internet?The student told me that he had spent more than 100 yuan on this psychology course, and that many others were learning it.I can only say that the Chinese public is too short of true popular science psychology.Now the Internet in China is almost full of fake psychology, so much so that when you talk about popular science, people don’t want to listen to it.This fake psychology may cripple the Chinese for a generation or two.Because parents learn a lot of fake psychology, and then apply it to their children, it’s even worse.The symbol of xiaoming’s sayings has three meanings, one is the symbol, the second is the object, the third is the meaning.Take “ren”, the Chinese symbol, for example, it has a fixed pronunciation or writing, which is the symbol or the manifestation of the symbol;This symbol represents something in reality or a mirror image, which is an object.Lacan saw that patients were manipulating the transfer of symbols to fantasize, while primitive people had already begun to assign meanings to symbols and to treat physical and mental diseases by manipulating the transfer of various symbols.And this is symbolic therapy.Original public account: Xhbeap