1-0, messi’s assist and Kylian Mbappe’s winner overturned the stumbling block, giving Greater Paris a 16-point lead

2022-04-29 0 By

Beijing time on February 12, 2022 at 4am on the 24th round of The French championship, Paris Saint-Germain, ranked no. 1 before the match against Rennes, ranked no. 5 before the match.Ryan team is a greater a stumbling block to this season, the first leg, Ryan home 2 ball beat a greater, so the game is also a greater revenge of the war, before the greater Paris last 3 games have won three straight ligue 1, state, and Ryan last 3 ligue 1, 2-1 slightly inferior, although greater loss at this season Ryan,But having won their last two home games against Rennes, they will be confident.Home a greater offering out of the 433 by nawaz, ashraf, Lionel messi, to jointly led by the starting, and at the same time, omar gini osborne, drax le, simmons, paredes also got a chance to start, in addition Jin Pengbei, Bernard, villa also starts to battle together, and Ryan offering a 433,Trier, SAN Maria, Merlin, Alemdar co-lead the starting, while Martin, Lapold, Brino, Mayer also got the opportunity to start, in addition to Omari, Traore, Aquaoude also started together.In the 64th minute, Mbappe followed up messi’s brilliant cross with a volley from the right of the penalty area, knocking down the keeper, but the referee disallowed the goal on the grounds that mbappe was offside, a goal that would have been hard to spot even on a drawing board.In the 93rd minute, Messi set up Mbappe for a second-timer.In the end, The greater Paris win as expected, after this service, the greater Paris accumulate 59 points ahead of the second marseille team by 16 points.