BLG four consecutive UZI mentality exploded, change ID self-deprecating response rhythm, more and more far from playing conditions

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Hello, boys and girls, welcome to watch this episode of game information, I’m “Mi”!On February 11, the second day of the LPL spring game reopening, BLG and TT had a showdown. Before the game, TWO Korean players from TT finally took the field to greet all the players, but the man from BLG still did not play.In the end, BLG finished the TT with a 2-0 shutout and a 4-1 record, showing good form.After the game, UZI changed his self-deprecating attitude and exploded.BLG beat TT to win 4-1!In the first game, the two sides played a running game, played nearly 30 minutes to hit 3 people head, has been running, fortunately, there are late heroes on both sides, so there is not much fighting.In the middle and late stages, BLG started to gain momentum and TT made a series of mistakes, eventually BLG won the first game by a large margin.In the second game, both sides were also in a hot fight, the economy was not pulled apart, but BLG always took the initiative in the situation, and in the middle and late period, BLG began to kill randomly, and finally won the battle.Throughout today’s game, BLG’s hard power is indeed stronger than TT, continuing the hot state before the year, and the team’s runnin is getting better and better, WeiWei has won 4 MVP.However, although BLG won, the suspense of Whether Uzi could play was getting deeper and deeper. After the game, the official post of BLG backstage tidbits showed That Uzi looked thoughtful and did not know what to think. After the game, he even changed his Hanbok ID.UZI modified hanbok ID mentality explosion!And Uzi’s new ID is also very interesting, which translates to: bright diamond.This has two meanings, the first is their hanbok section, Uzi now a total of two numbers, but are drill 1, played for a long time did not hit up.Everyone knows that Uzi’s recent reviews are not very good, the tempo is very high, the main reason is that he feels a little nervous, whenever he or his teammates are not playing well, Uzi will say that his teammates are actors, Scout and Cryin were reported before, of course, there are a lot of actors who are fighting against Uzi, but Uzi’s mentality also has some problems.Sometimes the wind directly open pendulum, this has become the rhythm of the recent.Second is Fried Uzi mentality, now BLG has played five games, but you couldn’t see Uzi the slightest hint of play, before Uzi had said my condition is not very good, also in the team and in the running-in, and the state of the position is not very ideal, as long as the state of adjustment well, the coaching staff will allow yourself to play,And whoever is in good shape with Doggo.Now Uzi’s condition is really not ideal, whether he can play is really doubtful.Xiaomi’s view: It is estimated that no one expected Uzi’s comeback would turn into this situation. I thought Uzi must have made up his mind to make a comeback after adjusting his condition. After his comeback, many people supported Uzi and hoped that he could play again.But now Uzi this wave of comeback feel to their own wind review and road popularity damaged some, the rhythm is a wave after wave, was questioned is marketing, if so, it is better not to come back.In fact, if Uzi could play, a lot of rhythm would be lost, but Uzi did not play, let everyone’s expectations slowly disappointed, still hope Uzi play early.So, gentlemen, what do you think of this?Welcome to comment!