Championship hearts vs Derbyshire Hearts aiming for promotion, Derby struggling to avoid relegation?

2022-04-29 0 By

Hearts v Derbyshire Hearts are in the mid-table of the Championship, with 12 wins, 9 draws and 8 losses in the league so far.They drew 1-1 at home to Stoke city in the last league round, extending their unbeaten run to 10 games.After an up-and-down early season, the league has recently gone 10 rounds unbeaten and is on a roll.The team didn’t look very good at the back and conceded goals almost all the time, but the team’s attack was guaranteed to score the crucial goals to win every game.Striker Danny Ward has been in excellent form with 12 goals and two assists in all competitions.In addition, the team’s defense was clean and clean, and there were no infractions on the field.Striker Arens, main midfielder Alex Vallejo, main defender Colville are injured, the midfield slightly affected.Derbyshire, the club with the biggest financial penalty this season with a 21-point deduction, could not have asked for more than a point to avoid relegation after coming back from a two-goal deficit to earn a 2-2 draw at home to Birmingham.From the recent performance, the team is very powerful at home, and many times won the West Brom, Blackpool, Bournemouth and other strong teams, but away performance is mediocre, the defensive holes are relatively large, the first to concede the situation is always lost the whole game.In addition, the team’s recent slow start problem has become more serious, the last five games in a row can not score in the half.The initial data of the game gave the home team a high position in the half of the water, and then dropped to a level position in the middle and low position. The trend was quite unfavorable for the home team. However, based on the fundamentals, Derby County was at a great disadvantage away from home, which was somewhat suspected of being blocked.This field hades as long as normal play, all 3 points should not be a problem.Please pay attention to more events, youyouwen single