Chinese new cars must be equipped with ‘black boxes’ from this year

2022-04-29 0 By

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s newly revised Technical Conditions for The Safety of Motor Vehicle Operation, starting this year, domestic new cars must be equipped with EDR systems, or driving event recorders.”Black boxes” have become standard in cars.Last year, a Tesla owner’s rights protection event aroused national attention.The owner said the car’s braking system failed to cause the accident, which Tesla blamed on the owner’s poor operation.In the case of “Tesla brake door”, because the car does not have EDR and other independent data recording configuration, Tesla and the owner are at odds, falling into a state of bickering.To this end, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology revised the “Motor Vehicle Operation Safety Technical Conditions,” requires that starting this year, domestic new cars must be equipped with EDR Event Data Recorder.The device, known as the car’s “black box,” records the vehicle’s movements before and after an accident.In the future, “Rashomon” incidents involving intelligent driving, such as “Tesla brake door”, are expected to be definitively confirmed through the black box data.Citizen: I think as a car owner, this system can better guarantee the safety of car owners.Clearly recording driving data can also avoid many disputes.At present, 99% of new cars listed in the United States are equipped with EDR, while the proportion of new cars in China is about 10%, and most of them are luxury cars such as BMW and Mercedes Benz, as well as new energy vehicles such as NIO and BYD.Industry insiders say that with the effect of scale, the cost of EDR is expected to decrease gradually after the national mandatory EDR, which means it will not increase the cost of buying cars for consumers.Mo Shenming, sales manager of Yangjiang Shengwo Automobile Sales Co., LTD. : EDR can provide data to help determine whether the cause of the accident is a vehicle system problem or a human error problem.While current vehicles can be fitted with dashcams, which simply record road traffic in front of and behind the vehicle, EDR could provide a wider and more comprehensive picture.All cars coming out of the factory this year are already equipped with EDR, and the cost will not be passed on to consumers.Text: Feng Qiuying Camera: MAO Xu